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  1. Improving Xobot

    I like Xobot as is. The forum is clean and the owners/admins do well to update bots to run with latest versions. @Tyler how would you advertise for Xobot? Would you target members, paying members, script writers or anyone? Do you consider big to be an active, healthy community?
  2. Xobot 2.981

    This is the error: https://imgur.com/TLGk7JO
  3. Ikov Cookerino

    I concur
  4. Favorite rappers?

    Kevin Gates eat the booty like groceries
  5. Xobot 2.96

    Thank you, sir.
  6. Auto Switch bot

    Thanks for mentioning AutoIt. Have you built any scripts with it? Do you like it over Simba?
  7. Como Estas

    What's up everyone! I started RSPS botting with Parabot a few years ago mainly on Ikov v1. Good times! Once we figure out how to avoid getting banned on Ikov, I'll be creating more scripts. Any requests or ideas? Looking forward to setting up the Xobot development environment and getting started with scripting here. Thanks, Optimal
  8. Xobot 2.94 | Ikov release

    And here I was using Simba to complete 2nd level of dungeoneering. How do you think they're detecting Xobot?