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  1. SoulPlay pAgility[Wild course only]

    Still not working.
  2. SoulPlay ViHunter AIO

    Could you please drop the script so we can run it from local then?
  3. SoulPlay ViHunter AIO

    it does work when running as a local script?
  4. Soulplay Castle wars

    Anyone able to create a castle wars script?
  5. Can't load scripts on client

    As the title says, It Won't load my sripts on the client... Any solutions for this?
  6. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    Is it possible to add sara brews as food? And as @russian girl says an automatic talker when staff is talking to you... With simple replies as "hello" "i'm bored" This would make the script perfect and way more safe. EDIT: Maybe an automatic logger would be great for anti staff.
  7. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    It does work, You just need cash in inventory.
  8. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    Is it possible to reupload? Thanks in advance
  9. My new signature

    I made a new signature, To bad it won't let me use this because of the forum rules hate it or love it, like it, bump it or dump it.
  10. SoulPlay nonHerbCleaner

    Thanks for the script, Keep up the good work!.
  11. How long have you been playing runescape?

    I've been playing since september 2016. What about you guys?
  12. Favorite rappers?

    Das EFX Smith n wessun Bone thugs -n- harmony AZ Nas Slick rick And many more oldschool rappers/groups FUCK MUMBLE RAP
  13. Graphics Resource Dump

    To kick off this section, I will start a graphics resource dump. Essentially this thread will be a huge "dump" for resources.. pretty self explanatory. Mixed Resource Packs: (Mostly from http://onecanvas.net/, which I highly recommend you visit) http://onecanvas.net/topic/7486-pp-july-resource-pack-2015/ http://onecanvas.net/topic/7422-pp-june-resource-pk-2015/ (502 ITENS) (227 MB) Backgrounds >>]https://mega.co.nz/#....YC7Pqumh_81qxg (296 ITENS) (119 MB) Stocks >> https://mega.co.nz/#....Sc7EHycn06RH_Q (1298 ITENS) (965 MB) Renders >> https://mega.co.nz/#....h8hjaA9Z_71yxw (909 ITENS) (754 MB) Efeitos gerais >> https://mega.co.nz/#....tFrLkSNeRd1ww0 (30 MB) Vetores >> https://mega.co.nz/#....FlwuWmDYhHQOBw (2.5 MB) Collages >> https://mega.co.nz/#....UijnGLImcNBxRg Torrent: http://www.mediafire...ecursos.torrent Credits: snackshaus -- FONTS: BIG Font Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/?74va2bjacldwdle

    As the title says, Is it possible to create a dungeoneering script for soulplay? I know there is one for alora or ikov not sure.
  15. Alora leak

    I wonder if they have this on soulsplit to, I got banned at glacors before...