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  1. SoulPlay Dridia's Script Factory (Development)

    Nope but the GUI is really cute
  2. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Kumalo can you open source it so I can work on it too thx babe
  3. Apparently this already exists lol ( Gonna go bribe him to make it open sourced so I can work on it too
  4. Why? Because botted Soulwars is an active Soulwars Why tho? Because I don't have time for this shit But..? I want to expand it but can't be assed to write it myself Payable preferably in BTC/ETH/whatever crypto you want but anything that's not stupid works fine. I don't really care what part of Soul Wars it does, as long as it actually plays the game.
  5. SoulPlay Dridia's Script Factory (Development)

    Yeah I haven't worked on it in.. Well as you can see 9 months
  6. Preferably a server that wouldn't do anything about it, such as Darkan (2012 remake), ScapeRune (2006 remake) or another. Remake servers are tons and tons of fun to bot, and it really mimics how the game used to be back then Just me, been wanting that for a while. Maybe someone else likes it too, but until then
  7. Xobot 2.71 & Soulplay public release

    Might be my script lol I have been inactive for months. Could be broken idk
  8. Creating a Private Server

    So people can have fun instead of hating their lives
  9. Creating a Private Server

    Sup guys. So lately I was working on a private server but it kind of turned to shit when the owner went inactive after release. After countless hours deving without him, I've decided to quit and make my own with a few followers from the old project instead. Currently the plan is this; developers can implement whatever content they want. We're using Gielinor (Arios) as a base, which has a great plugin system and uses SQL for almost everything. We're creating a server that long story short, won't be shit. We'll bring in great new content that's genuinely fun to play, with the eco focused around it being a Pk-Spawn genuinely fun minigames (Battle Royale, PvP minigames etc) and all skills fully working. I'll keep you all posted with the server details as time goes on and keep this thread updated. We'll have a Rune-server thread up soon too once we get some more content out there to show off. If there's anything you guys wish a private server had, let me know so we can include it. If you want Raids or Inferno, great, go play Alora (but we'll probably have it anyways). If you have an idea for a great piece of content that hasn't been created yet, let us know so we can do it. No more bullshit. It's time to make something fun.
  10. Can't Rightclick on XOBOT

    And did that work..?
  11. xobot doesnt run well on mac

    I'm not a dev but save yourself some trouble and never buy a mac again
  12. Xobot 2.5

    Alora progress update?

    Give me likes I'm a karmawhore
  14. Next Server Vote Poll

    Oh no I'm not saying you can't, but it can be automated and commercially available. I'm not gonna start up a website and become Xobot's competitor over this, I'm just saying I would more than happily release my code and instantly support it if the devs spent a few hours writing that up. Imagine the support, and range for such a high volume of servers with this enabled. It would be massive