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  1. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    Well that's old code, I haven't actually updated it in like a month, so if you compiled it yourself and it's not working then I guess it didn't work and you can try to fix it. @Neo doesn't seem to want to upload to SDN for illogical reasons, so I guess my dream of making open sourced scripts so people can fix, patch and update them with quick turnaround time doesn't work anyways.
  2. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    Yeah both of those problems are commented in the code so someone could add it. For getting stuck at barricades, I think I set it so your account just destroys the cade if it's stuck. https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/commit/8473d19a99fd3d890d8362e5e92af4c210c7e08c#diff-25d773dd6ac9a98351041e134467eb62
  3. $ java -jar xobot.jar java.lang.ClassCastException: class jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader cannot be cast to class java.net .URLClassLoader (jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader and java.net.URLClassLoader are in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap') at xobot.iiiIIiIIIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(hc:293) at xobot.iiiIIiIIIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(hc:254) at xobot.IIiiiiIiiI.<init>(ia:62) at xobot.iIiiIiiiii.ALLATORIxDEMO(yc:84) at xobot.IiIiiiiiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(va:836) at xobot.IiIiiiiiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(va:747) at xobot.IIiIiIiiIi.run(va:191) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:834) Running Manjaro OS with 4.19.6-1 Kernal btw
  4. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    He told me to post it here since his is broken and you'll add it.. @Kumalo can you just tell Neo to take down yours and upload this one in your name? Like fuck I just want people to have working scripts, idgaf if you even remove my name from the manifest
  5. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    I added the original code to OP, but I rewrote the loop system because it was convoluted as fuck and made it hard to develop. I plan on expanding this script much further and modularizing it really does give that upper edge. If you don't want to replace the current script that's cool, maybe I can change the name, give credits and ask you to upload it as something else. Also I'm updating this somewhat daily (and working on it again right now), so like idk how often you would even want to support it (although you could just verify my code updates aren't malicious through the commits cus it's all on Github now)
  6. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    It got stuck in some places and the code was a mess. I've updated it to be more human and more robust Seeing as @Kumalo shared his source code I've updated OP with mine.. If anyone wants to work on the script I highly recommend you use the new version
  7. Source code: https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/KSoulWars Original code btw: https://github.com/JSVillavu/XobotStuff/tree/master/src PS: If you edit the current source code (most up to date afaik) and are finished using it for private purposes, please reach out and let me update it for everyone else! Features - Copy pasted from Kumalo's code - Team selection - Auto team detection - Two activities (attacking other players, and attacking pyrefiends) - Healing with bandages - Refactored codebase - Bug fixes The GUI team selection represents the team that you ideally would like to join each game. But the script will join the other team if the one you tried is full, or your loyalty lies with the other. It's best to use a ranged weapon. Report any bugs or errors here. Hopefully we can get some more SW games going and then I can update the script more. Updates: - Massive refactor - Added Green portal support - Fixed lobby joining - Refactored how Data gets passed around, removed all warnings - Added barricade anti-stuck support
  8. SoulPlay Dridia's Script Factory (Development)

    Nope but the GUI is really cute
  9. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Kumalo can you open source it so I can work on it too thx babe
  10. Apparently this already exists lol ( Gonna go bribe him to make it open sourced so I can work on it too
  11. Why? Because botted Soulwars is an active Soulwars Why tho? Because I don't have time for this shit But..? I want to expand it but can't be assed to write it myself Payable preferably in BTC/ETH/whatever crypto you want but anything that's not stupid works fine. I don't really care what part of Soul Wars it does, as long as it actually plays the game.
  12. SoulPlay Dridia's Script Factory (Development)

    Yeah I haven't worked on it in.. Well as you can see 9 months
  13. Preferably a server that wouldn't do anything about it, such as Darkan (2012 remake), ScapeRune (2006 remake) or another. Remake servers are tons and tons of fun to bot, and it really mimics how the game used to be back then Just me, been wanting that for a while. Maybe someone else likes it too, but until then
  14. Xobot 2.71 & Soulplay public release

    Might be my script lol I have been inactive for months. Could be broken idk
  15. Creating a Private Server

    So people can have fun instead of hating their lives