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  1. Ikov PSteelBodies

    It is removed againfrom shops
  2. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    just logging you out when a game is close to start
  3. Alora NeoTheiver ~ steal & sell (Alora)

    Script is working, random solver needs An update, it doenst answer any question anymore
  4. @Boris where to start this at ikov? because it dont work in camelot bank
  5. Ikov PPyramidRusher

    Already support sharks??
  6. Xobot 2.96

    Need update again @Neo @Quintana
  7. Ikov PSteelBodies

    Dont think this needs to be update anymore, since the new update that steel platebodys van be bought from armor store for only 10k Thnx for the script @peanutsofar
  8. IKOV bossing scripts

    Like a zulrah script etc?
  9. Xobot 2.95

    @Neo @Quintana Thanks guys for the new release tested proxies, works fine now downside: randoms seems to fuck up some questions which were solved good in 2.94, maybe u could have a look at it?
  10. Xobot 2.95

    im still connected
  11. Xobot 2.94 | Ikov release

    Think it needs an update again, Ikov just had a system update
  12. SoulPlay nHerblore

    U could make one right?
  13. Ikov back online

    How far are u on this?
  14. Ikov PDonatorThiever

    haha u right:P