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  1. SoulPlay Dridia's Potion Maker v2.0

    Same for me.does not work. When i put all the necessary items in my inventory.only then it does something.but when they are at bank,bot just stands still
  2. SpawnPK elite ACC

    I can take the account for freebies?
  3. Banned (Your account has been disabled)

    good luck pal,now im off
  4. Banned (Your account has been disabled)

    2 of my accounts are sitting in jail and have no timer,so does this mean its there forever?
  5. Banned (Your account has been disabled)

    Same situation,the thing is,when i first changed my time,nothing worked and then i just waited like 2 weeks,just now i tried agen and it worked. I think you must wait some period of time after changed the time for it to work,but dont know how long do you have to wait,i suggest you take a break for like 3days - 1 week and mbye check agen and see if it works. Mbye you just need to wait 1hour to 1day,idk
  6. Banned (Your account has been disabled)

    People sey that you need to change your time of your windows installation,
  7. Banned [Need Help]

    Didnt work for me
  8. Welp,cant say i didnt expect this

  9. Welp,cant say i didnt expect this

    Got banned on 3 accounts today,the funny part is that mod Mark thinks i only botted on 3 accounts,but the sad thing is that i got IP banned and one of my accounts, whic i kept some of the items(its not a rich account tho), i cant log in now, so i might aswell reveal that info somewhere here,dont know how yet. Im 99%sure im not banned on that account cose i want online then,but if they looked around my trade record log,mbye they banned that account aswell,oh well. if anyone got an idea how should i reveal the account name and password here,please do tell. My idea was to get one of the staffs to take all the items and keep it seperate and mbye if im not alone and other people have done the same,mbye there could be a private drop party for xobot user? But thats just speculation. I wont use xobot no more and other account/s? will be handed to my friends.
  10. SpawnPK thieving stalls ^^

    Im just curious how to bypass it
  11. Map extendor!

    How can i do that? And my request for a map extenstion is becouse of the simplistic use of it,no need to know how big is 1 unit,just check where he is on the map to know how far he is
  12. Map extendor!

    Is it possible to add a feature to be able to expand the map,more then it usaly is so you could see nearby players,before they even see you? This would be such a dope feature,if for example you wanted to farm frost dragons or something in the wildy and no pker could get the jump on you and end you on the spot.
  13. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    Its to much RNG based for that,atleast thats what i think
  14. -insert generic hello-

    Thank you very much You are realy helpful
  15. -insert generic hello-

    Yea noticed that around the 2nd, 3rd day of use. And how about auto-relog? i have heard that there is an option on xobot but i cant seem to find it