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  1. ikov will not workit just crashes as soon as i log in, everyone is saying there is a fix but i dont understand how to fix please can someone help me
  2. Xobot 2.981

    i do not under stand what im supposed to do to the uid? im confused...
  3. Xobot 2.98

  4. Xobot 2.98

    when i log in it says im not vip but i JUST bought vip?
  5. Xobot 2.98

  6. Xobot 2.98

    i instant log when i click run bot on ikov
  7. ikov donator thieving

    when i click run my account instantly logs out??????????
  8. Ikov PDonatorThiever

    why when i go to run bot i instantly log out