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  1. Best method for Money Making?

    How is agility good for money?
  2. xobot doesnt run well on mac

    It's always happened on Soulplay for me, I've never tried with aloha but it would probably be the same thing since it seems to be a client issue
  3. xobot doesnt run well on mac

    Does not refresh at all until you click on a menu tab
  4. xobot doesnt run well on mac

    Mines permanently been doing this and I stated the fact since august. Good luck
  5. SoulPlay VIP NeoArmadyl

    You're welcome
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoArmadyl

  7. "Lag" on OSX?

    As soon as the applet loads, it's been doing this since the release of Xobot
  8. Drop party bot

    Drop parties are mostly in the room with balloons aren't they? I'd just have it pick up anything that gets dropped from the balloons
  9. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    You can make regular planks with them for construction
  10. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    When I tried It seemed like it kept clicking the tinderboxes for some reason
  11. SoulPlay Camelot Log Buyer!

    now all we need is someone to start developing a log to plank bot. The npc is already in game so we can code it up until the part where you have to actually make the planks. Construction is rumored to come out really soon EDIT: Btw, it seems like buying reg logs isnt working
  12. soulplay script suggestions

    Oh damn thats a shame
  13. soulplay script suggestions

    What about a bot that buys sets from scrambles? You get 50 d bolts (e) and it comes out to like 1.5m profit per purchase from scrambles. it's literally easy money
  14. soulplay script suggestions

    An alch bot for mage maybe? Also, a general combat bot if it's not too hard. Maybe you'd allow the user to input the npc info that they want killed and then it will just kill those npc's that the character is at. I was thinking this would be helpful for tedious slayer tasks
  15. need more soulplay bottable money making methods

    Do you use range or melee gear? Just curious as I'm looking for a way to make some money in general on the server