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  1. Uid change

    Can anyone link me the website where is shows how to change uid ? I need the one which uses windows key + r ...
  2. Dawntained

    Random events
  3. To many BOTS

    Recently i was trying to log in into my Bot account i and i was unabble cause it kept showing me that i run to many bots, bus i was not using any.. ANy ideas... ? I tryd alora...
  4. Alora item HIghlighter

    Is it possible to make like a bot [ it wouldnt be a bot] that highlight items by item ID ? Cause ALORA client has it as a normal client and Xobot doesnt support that so is it possible to make one ? It would be even better if it would be abble to make that bot would for example make a notification then ur prayer is LOW, ir would be good addition to that also. [But if only it would be abble to Toogle on/off] Or just update XOBOT alora cache so it would be as aloras highlighter and there wouldnt be any issues.
  5. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    Can we get Script updated ? or atleast a link to Pastebin ?
  6. Any help ?

    Hey today i turned my tryed turning Xobot client and these happens And it doesnt stop laoding
  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Use a special script made only for Rock Crabs
  8. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Hello, at the first script was great... But now it's not even fighting a single monster i set him to attack... ? Any ideas why it is ? Possible NEO fault ? @Neo
  9. Working barrows bot :)

    I would if it would be a Alora one
  10. possible to update that it does ;;empty then doing Power Choping ?#
  11. Simple crypto mining.

    No referral links here
  12. Xobot 2.5

    Oh. Nice update, we are moving forward.
  13. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Yea mate i have the same problem
  14. Next Server Vote Poll

    @Neo I know read the word {SCRIPTS}