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  1. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    Can we get Script updated ? or atleast a link to Pastebin ?
  2. Any help ?

    Hey today i turned my tryed turning Xobot client and these happens And it doesnt stop laoding
  3. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Use a special script made only for Rock Crabs
  4. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Hello, at the first script was great... But now it's not even fighting a single monster i set him to attack... ? Any ideas why it is ? Possible NEO fault ? @Neo
  5. Working barrows bot :)

    I would if it would be a Alora one
  6. possible to update that it does ;;empty then doing Power Choping ?#
  7. Simple crypto mining.

    No referral links here
  8. Xobot 2.5

    Oh. Nice update, we are moving forward.
  9. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Yea mate i have the same problem
  10. Next Server Vote Poll

    @Neo I know read the word {SCRIPTS}
  11. (Your account has been disabled) "fix"

    @mazr It doesnt depend hm time u are botting, it depends what u are botting and is adming checking it.
  12. Next Server Vote Poll

    My personal idea is too finish Alora and release scripts for Alora, then u might think about a server with a good player base.
  13. Bot limit voting

    Hello @neo i wanted to suggest something like these. My opinion is that Not Donators can only run 1Bot at the time. About Donators i would say unlimited but at that point Ban rate will increase very much. So for Vips i suggest 3-4 Bots maximum at the same time.
  14. proxy

    Use proxy4 and proxy5