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  1. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    things that could improve this bot: This bot should auto drop anti bot items so it doesnt clutter the inventory. Option to use a special attack weapon. Option to pick up certain runes/other items that might be usefull. Using prayer potions instead of super restores as they are cheaper to use update the mouse api so it clicks prayers again
  2. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    would love to not see it drink 3 doses of ranged potion everytime, also ring of recoil support
  3. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    This still closes for me after opening, no GUI or anything shows up.
  4. Soul Wars Script

    I'd want this
  5. Alora

    Looking very good already, can't wait to give this a whirl
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    happens quite a bit, I too also get logged out every now and then https://i.imgur.com/SToAbuz.gifv
  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    jdk1.8.0_144 jre1.8.0_144 jre7
  8. Alora

    True, when the alora beta testing is availble, I will get VIP as well
  9. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    I still have this problem, also removed it in the SDN and added it back. any fix?
  10. Alora

    I am so thrilled to see this, if you have any questions for a wintered alora player be sure to ask. 1000 hours+
  11. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    Great script