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  1. Zenyte OSRS

    Any info on this? Is it even possible to integrate this server? Can anyone confirm?
  2. Zenyte bot

    https://xobot.org/community/topic/1934-zenyte-osrs/?tab=comments#comment-12561 There's a post already on this, add your comment to that post to make it more visible
  3. Zenyte OSRS

    Defo would buy a VIP just for this
  4. Zenyte OSRS

    Server name: ZenyteWebsite URL: https://zenyte.com/Client URL: https://zenyte-launcher.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/com/zenyte/client/launcher/0.6.0/launcher-0.6.0.jar Average amounts of player: 300+ online on a monday Additional information: Server just came out, loads of players, not easy to get GP, kind of grindy and has a potential for selling gold