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  1. I want to know how to script (even though I have a virus on the client) without the game admin see my list of processes?
  2. look a few days ago, I was banned from a server using autohotkey, basically the game admin was able to see my list of processes. decompiled the client. am i looking through 30+ functions they're all obfuscated native void w(final long p0, final GraphicsToolkit p1, final int p2, final int p3); native void j(final long p0, final boolean p1); void method283() { this.aRunnable6669 = Thread.currentThread(); this.method277(); } native void ak(final long p0); native void wa(final long p0, final long p1, final float[] p2, final int[] p3, final int p4); native void ao(final long p0, final GraphicsToolkit p1, final int[] p2, final int[] p3, final int[] p4, final short[] p5, final int p6); I think they put a virus on the client wanted to know how to protect it. maybe run the client in one Sandboxie?