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  1. SoulPlay pFisher

    They reworked the fishing skill completely. This script still works great for what I use it for. If your plan is to use this script for 1-99 fishing, follow these steps: :Set bot to fish shrimp until 40 fishing (takes 60 seconds on p0): :Set bot to fish lobsters until 76 fishing: :Set bot to fish shark until 99 fishing: They've combined the fish and changed the tool used to fish them. You now fish tuna and lobster together when using harpoon to fish tuna. You now fish mantas and sharks together when using harpoon to fish sharks. I haven't looked into monkfish but I'm sure once you figure out the rework on them, you could manipulate the bot into fishing them if you need them specifically.
  2. Xobot 2.982

    Uhh didn’t mean to trigger u, but we can play the keyword quotation game I suppose lol I definitely did purchase something, I think you’re mistaking xobot with RSPS websites. Browse around this site for a little while, sure you can throw the word “donating” around in quotes. But there’s a store tab, a purchase tab, a manage orders tab..... you get the point, there’s no “donate” tab in the store section. This separates the two completely. They even refer to people as “customers” in the store tab, and refer to VIP as a “product”. VIP is a purchase of rank, and that rank has listed benefits. Staff has even used the words “Purchase VIP” A personal reimbursement for myself wasn’t the point of my previous post as you assumed. Anywho, I thanked the staff and denoted that I was shedding light on the matter for the betterment of the community, not ranting. You also missed the part where I gave credit where it was due. Criticism doesn’t always have to be from a stance of anger or bitterness. Some people grow from it, some people don’t. This is not a big deal to me, so no need for back and forths. Peace my guy
  3. Xobot 2.982

    I'm amused by the fact that whoever is in charge and receiving money for VIP doesn't show that they respect the community enough to even give a quick status update or reimbursement/compensation for the lost time. I understand that real life happens, but when you have a business, you can't leave your clients in the dark because grandma died or because you left the country. I'm all for people shutting the fuck up and waiting, but you really can't expect people to if you haven't given them a reason. I thank you guys for your effort, the client, and VIP -- just shedding some light to help raise and surpass the current level of the community/business/brand or whatever you see it as. (or maybe I'm wrong and this is just a way to bring us all closer together) ...but either way, with that being said, Soulplay has updated yet again. Love you guys <3
  4. Quick Heads Up - Soulplay Has Updated Today!

    came here to say this +1
  5. Ikov qFrostDragons

    It was semi-working a little earlier. It would pull required items from bank, tele to dragon spot, and crash on first full inventory after home tele. Now, I start the script, it opens bank and just sits there. So no, it's not working anymore at the moment.
  6. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Just a suggestion, To fix the attack and str pot problem, wouldn't it be easier for you to have it dump last inventory into bank by using the deposit-all button in the bank interface? Right now, it banks everything one by one (ex. all bones, and then all sharks, and then all pots, etc.) and skips the att and str pots, so it makes it better to use the script without potions (imo). Edit: Also, change the pray alter to the new "rejuvenation box" next to bank, this is making the script unusable at the moment as it tele's back to "home" with a fully inventory and stands still because the pray alter that it usually refills at is gone. This script is amazing. Best xobot script I've used so far, even with the bugs, thanks.
  7. Dawntained VIP scripts

    Can anyone that has VIP for dawntained confirm which VIP scripts work? Planning on buying it tomorrow, just want to make sure it’s worth it.
  8. Dawntained qDwarvenMiner

    Script Broken - Shuts off upon startup.
  9. Dawntained qEntranaChopper

    Script broken - shuts off upon startup.
  10. Any working dawntained script

    Requesting any script for dawntained. Was interested in the wood chopper but it doesn't work, it just cuts off upon startup. So any working script that can result in bm
  11. Wow thanks man. Been losing hope on this, coincidence that I felt the urge to check back today? ...I think not. Much appreciated!
  12. Dawntained ETA?

    Support. Been waiting for about 2 months to buy VIP because of the fear of falling into gianstocco's situation. By all means take your time, just putting it out there that some of us have stepped away due to this and check back frequently for an update.
  13. Dawntained Error

    Getting the "Your Client is OUTDATED" pop-up when I log into xobot for dawntained. If I click continue, it will start to load and then freeze. EDIT: The popup has two options, Go To Website and Continue, it has dawntained's website listed.