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  1. how to become VIP

    Buy it from here; https://xobot.org/community/store/
  2. Heard you can in alora since its detectable according to a few people. However on soulplay, nope you shouldn't. The only way they check is by tping to you, if you are babysitting and respond you wont get banned. Additionally, if u wanna run other bots use a proxy and avoid interaction with main. In the end there's always a chance for ban, I personally wouldnt bot using my main, but its all upto you.
  3. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    Due to the update, most scripts wont work cause of the api change. We'll need to wait for them to update the scripts
  4. Alora vs Soulplay?

    Yeah sp is the way to go, but you'll still have a high risk of being banned depending on what you bot. If you want to bot on your main always babysit. If not on your main, just bot whatever, aslong as they are on a seperate ip.
  5. SoulPlay best money bot

    Everything has risks. You'll eventually get banned. That's why you use a new account, not your main (unless you babysit).
  6. SoulPlay best money bot

    Here are a few common methods: NeoThiever- High risk, low payment. Expect 20m/hr per account, no reqs. Mage Bank thiever- High rish, high payment. Expect 100m/hr, no reqs. NeoZulrah (Vip)- high risk, medium-high payment. Depends on drops, expect alteast 50m/hr if unlucky. Reqs; Max combat, 75 prayer. Atleast 20-30m for gear (cheapest). NeoMiner + Smither- medium risk, medium payment. Mine rocks, smith them into bars then cannonballs. 30 smithing and mining (atleast 40 for mining is recommended) Karambwan fisher- High risk, medium payment- Atleast 30-40m/hr. Need 60 fishing, 99 cooking is recommended to cook without burning.
  7. IP address

    If you want to test if your vpn is working, just google "IP" , it will tell your ip, if its changes there you go. IF its proxy, if it wont let u login cuz u cant connect, there you go proxy isnt working. TBH i dont see the point in this... If you want to see what proxy your account is logged in as, just go on network and it will show you
  8. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    A glitch, you can't prevent it. It's been going on ever since the script was first made
  9. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    It depends on the equipment, connection and the script it self. Equipment- For maximum kills per/hr, you will need tbow to hit 30+/hr. Tbow costs 3b or so. For armor, youd need arma or pernix set. This gear is really expensive, so it isnt recommended unless you babysit. Welfare gear would be dbow, with 2 dragon arrows, and full black dhide/karil with glory/fury, expect 15-20kills/hr Connection- ofcourse if yiu have bad connection you will disconnect, lag will increase and you would die. If this is the case get a better proxy. Script- there is a bug where the rotation says -1, that is an insta death
  10. Best method for Money Making?

    Here are a few you could use: Mage Bank Thiever- You thieve to get pkp, which u swap for antique lamps. You can get a lamp every hour or so. So that is around 90-100m/hr. Ban rate is high Alex Coal to Balls - You need a ammo mould (1 vote point, get from vote shop) and level 30 mining. You mine coal, and turn into steel bars then cannonballs. This is makes you around 30-40m/hr. You can get additional money if you get lucky and mine an uncut onyx (30-40m, i think) Ban rate is high Karambwan Fisher- You would need 60 fishing. You can sel karambwans for 200-300k ea, you can expect to make like 40-50m/hr. Ban rate is high. Dungeoneering - You would need to bind your gear to do this efficiently. I'd recommend looking at a guide to see what are the best type of armors for dungoneering. Once you've done that just spam floor 3, and get points. Exchange points for experience lamp which sell for 15-20m ea. Ban rate is low. NeoBarrows - 43 prayer, max combat, and a whip (not required but better to have). This is all rng, and money income depends on drops. SlotMachine- This is suicide and will get banned. You get 20-35m/hr, all you need is starter cash to buy the item you use in the slot machine. Thieving - High banrate, low income. This is a great way to get banned and a great way to make starting cash
  11. Running multiple bots

    If u can log in, after putting the proxy and pressing save it works. If it doesnt you would get an error saying cant connect to server etc..
  12. Selling Proxies

    Hey I will be selling proxies for really cheap. Add my discord: Fire#7666 Ill explain prices and everything more in detail, if u add my discord and are interested TOS You will go first.
  13. VPN Questions

    You can find cracked vpn accounts for 2.50-5$ which can last u a lifetimr on particular forums. Proxies would be a better option.
  14. Running multiple bots

    No you need to buy one, or get one for free. Check this site for free proxies; https://www.socks-proxy.net. There are many others just google free socks 5 proxy. The disadvantage is that most of them wont work so you will have to search for one which will take time. For paid ones, id recommend getting osrs proxies from osbot forums etc.. There are sites where u can buy these like proxy-fish.
  15. too many bots running

    How many are you running? If 2, then thats the limit for free users. If none, try restarting PC or contacting Neo. Edit: Checked previous posts, Neo just said "wait a bit and try again"