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  1. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Sometimes server disconnects... logs in again dirty imp asshole is in inventory and has to be dropped again!
  2. Need help setting up proxys

    Can I find a guide somewhere?
  3. need ikov item id list

  4. need ikov item id list

    Tittle says all searching for blue charm id
  5. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Can you add support for charming imp (drop it when logging in)? thank you <3
  6. Ikov Client Closes When I try to Log in

    got the same problem. @Neo Somehow I can't open your link, it says I don't have permission to access the link
  7. Bot won't open

    Problem solved, I had java 8 installed and another java had to remove the other java
  8. Bot won't open

  9. Bot won't open

    doesn't work and how to post error log?
  10. Bot won't open

    Hi, When opening the bot and entering my login and password the and pressing login the bot doesn't start... This is the case for all the bots. Need help pl0x
  11. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    How much money per hour does this script make?
  12. Add Elkoy

    I would also love to see elkoy added
  13. Alora bot is down

    I still have ths problem
  14. Alora bot is down

    When starting the xobot client and starting alotic it says "alora has been update please reload page"
  15. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    I restarted the client it works fine now @Neo Thank you for fixing dat zulrah bot <3