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  1. MAC Spoofer

    When I go into network settings and go to spoof the mac, I hit the refresh button to give me a new MAC.. but the button is actually doing nothing? does anyone have a solution for this
  2. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    bot is dc'ing when zulrah hits the second rotation...? @Neo
  3. Bypassing - not working now

    If anyone is having troubles, something that worked for me was restoring TMAC back to original mac address and then changing it again. for some reason i guess it might bug. so try to restore and then change again. also make sure you are not connected to a vpn while changing the mac as that did not work for me. I also like to make a fresh uuid user. do the uuid and mac over.. close out of xobot and then reboot it and making sure to select the profile before signing on. the big thing that worked for me was restoring the tmac back to its original and then changing again though.
  4. Bypassing - not working now

    So I eventually got a mac ban bypass to go ahead and work... and now I am not having ANY type of luck. -- I am using the Xobot UID Manager to generate a random UID/Mac and selecting the profile before logging in. I am running TMAC to spoof my MAC I am also running a VPN to spoof my IP.. I have tried to redo all of the above steps numerous times just to still be banned. https://gyazo.com/4bb6e7c6bf10767db8dbf2e288f1d1a7 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I HAVE SPOKE TOO SOON- I HAVE FIGURED OUT ALL PROBLEMS AND IF SOMEONE ELSE IS IN NEED OF HELP BYPASSING I CAN DEFINITELY FIX IT FOR YOU JUST PM ME
  5. Free gp on elkoy

    Would love to get in on it, shoot me a pm man will even pay
  6. alora banned. (mac perhaps)

    This issue has been solved. Don't know what I did but I messed around with reg and such.
  7. alora banned. (mac perhaps)

    there is a proxy running in the first screenshot. if you mean proxy as in getting a proxy from for example: https://free-proxy-list.net/ and then adding in a proxy and port into the login manager, i just tried that, i just sit on connecting to server.
  8. alora banned. (mac perhaps)

    this is my current look. https://gyazo.com/a8118c255c33df7ee8e8ba8f9d4afbc6 + the uid manager https://gyazo.com/29bc1acd35fb48bd884bdb144fe2a846 what am i doing wrong? (yes account is selected i press the key and hit "balan27"
  9. alora banned. (mac perhaps)

    Got banned on my alt account for botting thieving. I went ahead and downloaded a VPN, and all accounts i try to make are still banned... found a post on the UID manager.. generated UID... generated MAC.. put users and pass in.. still nothing... Only thing I don't know what to fill in is the IP and Port but I tried the Proxy IP and port 80 any help?
  10. Alora 3d library

    When i load up Alora, it says loading 3d library and cannot get passed this screen. Any solution?
  11. Alora

    Just wondering when to expect the update for the Alora client? Thank you!