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  1. have lobster pot in inv not on tool belt.
  2. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Take your time, good luck with exam!
  3. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Yeah it doesnt but it helps if you restart the client but then again after 1 trip it keeps the last trips super set into inventory and takes out new set and then again repeating the same steps and 3rd trip its gonna be stuck in the bank.
  4. Selling ikov gold

    I asked if you wanna use middleman for safe trade, you refused. I asked if we use the site admins in here, you refused and told that you dont trust them. Point made. ^
  5. Zulrah script

    Haha Until none in public, id rather pay for one thats private to get head start
  6. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    PM me your discord. Ill borrow you one
  7. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    Just wanted to drop by and and ask if its possible to add such feature as well. Can double or triple up kills per hour.
  8. Zulrah script

    Still looking.
  9. Selling ikov gold

    he doesnt have any gold so that you guys know, he even refuses to take screenshot of his so told 4b stack in pouch.
  10. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Takes bout few hours to get 100 DUNG. Some people probably have like 50 botted 100+dung accounts ready for such script lol.
  11. Ikov qMiner

    Yeah that apperantly was the only spot it tellyd for any ores. But keep in mind for wildy res area as well, seems like nice spot to bot as well.
  12. [Buying] Ikov Accounts

    Have no idea what is it lol
  13. Ikov qMiner

    Lol. Mines the addy runes at lumby swamp and then keeps teleporting to the same location over and over time until new ores spawn.
  14. runecrafting bot!

    Is it soon yet :D?
  15. Ikov bJad | Kills Jad | Ranged / Mage | Ikov

    Ill test it out again bro and let ya know by editing my post.