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  1. Appeal

    Lets be clear, you are on side of kbpower1 BUT, you are not thinking straight. How can you or kbpower1 prove that kbpower1 was the one who blocked Antti one discord? It cannot be proved. Im still vouching for Antti since he has enough offsite feedback to not scam someone for 60 bucks. Kbpower1 just had enough and blocked Antti. Kbpower1 decided to unblock Antti and contacted Antti and asked when does he get his items back? Antti ofcourse replied. I wonder if you even checked the pictures ive posted (sent by Antti to me personally). Kbpower1 refused for refund and deal is done, Antti didnt scam nothing. Take it as donation. Dont think he would appeal such thing if he had scammed someone really, he has his own rep to protect. Thats why he is asking me to appeal for him. Dont take his side, think on Antti's side as well.
  2. Appeal

    Why didnt you accept his refund from the accounts you paid him and why did you block him after you gave him items?
  3. Appeal

    How do you tell i shared my VIP? Matter affact i have not shared my accounts anywhere with nobody, stop making false accuses... Pathetic. IP part can be right not account part. I visit him time to time, once a month or less and do a little party etc. Antti WAS gonna do deal with him until Antti got blocked by kbpower1 on discord. How the hell they should have continued? Eventually he was unblocked and contacted by kbpower1 on discord, kbpower1 fault is that he blocked Antti. Dont put the blame on someone who was being careful because of the reports on kbpower1 on sythe. Antti confirmed its his discord, why would he lie? Because he had no intentions of a scam. I can speak behalf of Antti because i can chat with him directly over facebook, he cant make another forum account for some reason thats why he has no appealed himself. And ive read whole chat between Antti - kbpower1. No refunds were accepted by kbpower1, which means he doesnt care, whats it gonna be then?
  4. Appeal

    Antti charged money to his paypal 60$ or € which was sent as screenshot to kbpower1 as well, dont think Antti would just do it to waste his time. Antti couldnt contact kbpower1 on discord because he got blocked by the person lol... And that "well thats new" part obviously was because he met kbpower1 not on this site, but on SoulPlay while kbpower1 was advertising that he sells gold, in-game. As i know Antti for like 10 years in RS history, i know hes not into scamming but hes been scammed to much and he was being careful until he just got blocked by the person. I know Antti doesnt know how paypal works either, hes more of an "in country bank transfering" stuff. Apperantly kbpower1 is banned from sythe for scamming soulplay gp and gotten his customers banned by reporting them. Antti was just being careful until kbpower1 got tired and blocked him. Antti told me that his discord was unblocked by kbpower and Antti wished to refund him. Antti wanted to give refund to exact accounts where he got items from, he wrote the names down and some of usernames were already visible for him on picture that kbpower sent him over discord. He kept refusing to use same characters to accept the refund (NOTE that the accounts were just level 3 mules obviously and not banned). Basically he didnt accept Antti's refund, means kbpower1 gave free stuff and Antti got banned because staff didnt take much time to look into this and like i sayd, alot of people have personal lives to, work, family and and ofcourse a sleep. I checked what Antti told and after he wrote last post where he was reported, he went to sleep. In the morning where he expected to see some word by someone else like kbpower1 himself, he was banned instead. Cannot ban people like that, i think its unrightful, gotta listen both parties. NOTE: Antti knew his usernames and remembered because kbpower1 sent him screenshots of his accounts and clients opened while discord chating and yet hes asking where or why he knows his IGN's. Anyway i got provided this screenshot where he refused coming with the accounts he gave the items from: https://imgur.com/a/mQeNJCo
  5. Appeal

    kbpower1 did get his items back and wanted to receive a double amount so antti gets unban. Antti has a discord chat to prove where antti wanted to meet up and pay up the goods that he still "stole" even tho he didnt. Will add pictures within 24 hours and Antti is looking for unban + refund for his VIP or renew for the false ban and so little time to reply. Yeah every person cant reply within few hours if he needs to sleep, work and take care of his family.
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Long banned. But he re-makes new accounts to bot in w2. Usually 2-3 bots. Dutch names or something similiar. Also im not allowed to drop in-game names here because Neo disagrees on droping names here. He thinks its cool to report botters
  7. Multiple servers VIP qAgility - Supports all courses

    Client seems to be crashing everytime when starting up on barbarian agility/wilderness course on SoulPlay. @Quintana
  8. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    The script has been broken for months now.
  9. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Well thats a sucker. The person whos snitching is @dezwijnen
  10. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    There is a person who is using the very same botclient, reporting other botters on his main account/botmules straight to staff to prevent others droping market prices apperantly. I know the persons 4 in-game names and apperantly im not allowed to drop them here so Neo contact me, ill give you the 4 usernames and maybe you can cross-check some forum usernames/e-mails or whatever with those usernames and find a match and ban that person. @Neo
  11. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Works fine for me as well. on 2.91 and on 2.92
  12. B> SoulPlay Vorkath script

    Willing to pay around 100-500€. The more fluent the script is, the higher pay i pay.
  13. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Well i havent closed my old botclient that is 2.91 and also have new client downloaded yet i havent tried.
  14. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Use old botclient 2.91
  15. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Found out how it works. Apperantly for me its Shift + Page down