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  1. Alora cooking script - Simple

    I'd like to vote for this, as I'd very much appreciate a cooking bot <3
  2. Hey guys, I was just curious on how I can get away with transferring gold on alora to my mule from my botted accounts without getting caught as I noticed there has been a recent mass ban on people who have bought and sold gold. I am up for some suggestions
  3. https://youtu.be/Oq-N58WjZyU
  4. Banned from Alora

    Okay it actually works, I will make a user guide for all our users to follow. Could you upload it to the site as I'm not sure if I am allowed to do so?
  5. Banned from Alora

    UPDATE: I didn't select the actual profile from the top right side. Now I'm getting an error saying could not set mac address.
  6. Banned from Alora

  7. Banned from Alora

    Ah, I forgot to mention. I have tried that also and had no luck https://imgur.com/a/CFsPHBw Am I missing something?
  8. Banned from Alora

    I have been searching through the forums for a solution and I can confirm non have worked for me. I have tried: VPN Tmac changing my hard drive serial number The only thing that seems to have worked is if I do the vpn and tmac installed within a virtual machine however this isn't efficient enough to play using those methods. Anybody got any idea what else I can do to make the client work again?