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    I think @Cyan Is working on a slayer bot. Not sure if it will be for soulsplit and Alora tho.
  2. NeoFightcape and Fightkiln

    If you have 74 prayer, but 70 def the bot will try to turn on rigour over and over, this causes the account to disconnect.
  3. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    How do i get a good weapon for dung?
  4. Hi :)

    You got 25 private proxys?
  5. Hi :)

    25 different methods?
  6. Hi :)

    Haha, true
  7. Hi :)

    Smart, what are you going to bot?
  8. Hi :)

    Lol, please dont bot 20 accounts
  9. Hi :)

    Hi , what server are you gong to bot to death?
  10. SoulPlay CyanSlayer

    Cant wait for this =)
  11. SoulPlay CyanSlayer

  12. Farewell from me

  13. IP address

    I know... the point is that this would make it easier. I dont want to open my browser every time i'm starting up my bots (bots running in VM). I'm running 4+ accounts. I dont want to "go on network" for all of the accounts.
  14. IP address

  15. IP address

    Is it possible to add the current IP address to the top of the bot client?