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  1. selling some rsps acts.

    i am selling a legendary donor on spawnpk 1k plus donated also has gambler scroll , i am selling a 300 dollar indova act, i am also selling a 100 dollar soulplay act. willing to sell these 07 gp paypal for a few bil for server elkoy runewild spawnpk or soulplay. leave ur discord below if u are interested
  2. The main reason why there should be a limitation per account on how many VIP scripts you can run at a given time @Neo
  3. Yeah when you use 24 accounts just for yourself then you ruin it for everyone else. One way to kill a method quickly.
  4. relatively the same. Blood may save you a fair bit more of food in the long.
  5. Video - Guide: How to get IP unbanned on any RSPS

    Good video but honestly purchasing private proxies is the best way to go.
  6. Blood/Ice barrage is easy to obtain 21-27 kills per hour and you don't even need max gear. Ahrim and staff of light was yielding 24 kills an hour.
  7. A dose lasts 5 minutes, during this time prayer points are renewed at a higher rate. Usually you can use a protect prayer and another prayer on top of that without losing prayer points based off of other servers I've played.
  8. Soulplay POS item buyer

    ah, derp. I am an idiot sometimes
  9. Soulplay POS item buyer

    Sweet, can't wait! Can you make it set up the built in autotyper as well. Maybe make a text box where you can input what to say. Maybe when its not buying or putting in sell offers it can run to the open in ge so people can see the shop easier that way? thx!
  10. Can we get a prayer renewel option added, would make a ton of trips with it along with the blood barrage that is currently added. Thx! *I think the NPC id may have changed, it won't attack Zulrah, attempting currently with blood barrage and more normal setup. It just keeps running around facing zulrah but not attacking at all.
  11. botted items please read.

    I noticed this as well, someone sold off 700,000 scales the other day at 2,500. I was just previously selling at 3,400.
  12. Soulplay POS item buyer

    Awesome this sounds great so far
  13. Soulplay POS item buyer

    ily, maybe an items bought per hour. if u could make it resell as well would b tight. so profit per hour if that then, then submit to admin for vip submission instead of free release? Maybe have 3 collums, one is for the item id/name, buy price, sell price. Have an option to input how much money the bot should leave in the bank at all times, so if you put 1b it will leave 1b unspent in ur bank.
  14. soulplay dung script

    idk if somone made a topic on this but i think it would be cool to have a dung script that did the dungs and got u the points and saved it.