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  1. SoulPlay nonAIOSummoning

    https://ufile.io/47klv Until the sdn is updated. I updated it and compiled for you guys.
  2. AIO Shop Buyer

    https://ufile.io/zizt5 It's horribly thrown together but it works.
  3. AIO Shop Buyer

    I got you fam.
  4. Adding your script to the SDN

    Script name: IR0N's DZBaller Script version: 1.0 Script description: Makes cannonballs at ::DZ. Start with only the mould in your inventory at ::DZ. Link to your topic: https://xobot.org/community/topic/1474-ir0ns-dzballer/ Source code: https://github.com/IR0N26/DZBaller
  5. This script makes cannonballs at the ::DZ Start the script here. ::DZ and run northeast. This should be your inventory. Enjoy. Please post proggies below. They make me happy. Source: https://github.com/IR0N26/DZBaller Precompiled: https://ufile.io/v3jqj Big thanks to Neo for helping me with a few things.