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  1. Counting forum game

  2. Alora Alora Cooker

    It's not as easy as it was in the old days when gathering ids for RS was the easiest thing to do
  3. Counting forum game

  4. resalution is wrong

    Try this.
  5. Creating a Private Server

    Same way they had to compete with all the other big servers when they started.
  6. Counting forum game

  7. Alora bot

    That would defeat the purpose of having VIP privileges. You also have to keep in mind that us Admins are in full time college plus have our regular jobs, which leads to a limit time available for development and updates for the bot.
  8. Alora bot

    There's quite a few in the making yet no eta on when they will be released.
  9. Counting forum game

  10. Client for Alora RSPS

    What @Casual said. The client is in beta right now and we're working out the bugs and stuff. VIP gives access to the client during the beta stage.
  11. Counting forum game

  12. overheating

    With a laptop, always make sure it has adequate ventilation. Also, check your process manager to see what the client is using. Like is it using all your CPU, GPU, RAM? If it's not, then it'll be a ventilation problem. Also, what script are you using?
  13. SoulPlay Cant be resolved

    Sorry, just had to
  14. Intro Hey there.

    Welcome. Skype *spits* *Goes on rant about Microsoft ruining it and MSN messenger* We have a Discord:
  15. NON-SDN scripts

    There's a few scripts that are open source and not added to the sdn. Just need to check each section. And any regular user can add them. This allows people to make private scripts and gives anyone the opportunity to test everything before releasing.