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  1. Alora Secret Fighter

    I am in the process of writing down all the different ideas and re-writing the entire system behind this. It was my first major script and I wasn't quite sure how to use the tools available within the API. I know a lot more now and can make it more efficient than it currently is. Once the new GUI is finished, I will start the back end code. I will also add an option for the displaying the GUI or not.
  2. Alora Secret Fighter

    @Casual The only pots supported at this point are Prayer and super restore by checking the using pray button. I will add support for super sets / antis soon.
  3. Alora Secret Fighter

    @Casual Right now the general style of the combat is more of an 'in your face' kind of approach regardless of style. I have been giving thought to adding a selector for type of combat to select if you will be doing melee or range / mage. I would also add another list with a button that you could use to compile a list of 'safe spots' that you would run to while in combat depending on which one you are closest to. That would require a fair amount of rewriting the main loop. This was on my list for an eventually update, but for now it will remain as is. Thanks @Quintana! excuse any grammatical errors during the day. I type this stuff kind of fast as I am at work.
  4. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    I can't give a timeline for when I will get to this, but I plan on starting a full Smithing script soon. I am currently working on getting my AiO fighter to the SDN, and making some updates to that. While I am using that I will start dev on new scripts (Agility is next). Skills I have in mind right now are Agility and Smithing. I don't want to think too far ahead, so I am keeping my queue a bit smaller and making note of ideas as I get them.
  5. Alora Secret Fighter

    I think most AiO fighters would be pretty similar, but I believe this has some things in it that aren't yet in Kumalo's version and some additional working features with more on the way. Not to downplay what @Kumalo has done, as he is a great scripter. He has also been great about answering my questions as I have them around how certain aspects of the API work. I think it'll benefit the community once it hits the SDN.
  6. Adding your script to the SDN

    Script name: Secret Fighter Script version: 1 Script description: An alright at best fighter. Link to your topic: https://xobot.org/community/topic/1375-secret-fighter/ Source code: PM
  7. Alora Secret Fighter

    Recommended Use: I would launch the script while sitting in a safe place to safely add loot and select the settings you want for the monsters you will be killing, especially for aggressive monsters. Once all of you have it configured how you would like, go to the monsters you want to kill. Refresh the NPC list, and select the monsters you want to kill and hit start! Features: Saving / Loading Profiles Saving a profile is easy. Start the bot, configure it how you would like and click the Profiles button in the top left and hit Save. Enter the file name and hit Ok. Doing this will save all of the settings entered on the GUI with the exception of the NPC list. Load is in the same Profile drop down as Save. When you hit load, a file selector will pop up to the directory that your profiles are in. Select the one you want and click Open. It will load all of the saved settings from the file into the GUI. Food Support This script supports all of the basic types of food, just select the type you are going to use from the drop down. Be sure to adjust the slider accordingly, so your character will eat when you want them to. Looting Just enter an id into the Item Id text box and click the add loot button. You can remove items from the box by using the buttons below the loot list. The loot list is multi select capable. Clear Selected will clear the items you have selected in the loot list. Clear All will clear the entire list. Herb Sack / Seed Box Support If you wish to use the Herb Sack or Seed Box, just check those options. When space needs to be made to loot, it will check to see if you have any seeds or herbs and will click to deposit those into the appropriate item depending on what you have. Prayer Support - NOTICE: Make sure you set up your quick prayers for each area before starting this script. This will make use of quick prayers as a type of prayer support. If you check the box to use prayer, it will turn on the prayers when you start fighting through the quick prayers orb (Make sure you have them turned on in game). All doses of Prayer / Super Restore potions are supported. The script will drink a dose at a random low % of your total prayer points. Misc Monkey Guards: If you are fighting these, it will assume that you are at the Ape Atoll location with the Gorilla Altar. Instead of using prayer / restore potions it will click the altar instead when prayer is low. Notifications: There is no need to babysit this script! Once it is done running, it will beep 5 times. Watch the tube or some netflix while you kill stuff and loot all of the treasure! Notes All of the lists are multi select. You can select multiple NPCs to add or remove at the same time, as well as any loot you want to remove. Loot Ids: https://pastebin.com/b70XKCmz (Kumalo Posted this in another topic, so thanks!!) Limits / Notices: I developed this script in my free time over the course of about 3 days. While I have some pretty nice runs with no issues, I am sure there are some hidden bugs. Report them as you find them and I will try to get a fix in. Any questions / concerns or general feedback on the script are welcome! Feel free to reply to the thread, or message me on here or discord! The script is available in the SDN! Enjoy! ~Secret
  8. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    @Neo I sent you a PM. No logs are created from this.
  9. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    That being said, before I release it... I will have more added in terms of anti ban, so each user will have the script run slightly different.
  10. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    Swear I am not trying to be a prude here. It's nearly a complete script, that works when the client runs (so minus this issue). I would PM it to @Neo if he wanted to see it... but I don't want this ruined until I am done with the area. I plan to release it after I get my use out of it, so ban rates won't affect me. For background, it is a thieving script. Which has the highest ban rate on Alora.
  11. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    @Neo Yeah, I just downloaded the jar again to make sure I had the latest. This is the method I am using: Skills.CONSTITUTION.getCurrentLevel() I had one run today where it was almost 2 hours, now anything after that one the client will freeze roughly 20-30 mins in. Sometimes less time than that.
  12. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    I'm open to hearing anything. The sequence is more that the client freezes and then that stack starts printing in the console. So it is possible that there isn't an issue with the API, rather the client freezing which makes any call to get information return null.
  13. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    It's initialized private int eatAt = 0; Then is set from the GUI. If that were the issue, I would expect it would not run at all. It's only modified from the GUI when first running the script. I certainly wouldn't expect to have run times with the script of around 3 hours, and others only 10 mins. I think it's an issue with the API call to the Skills.getCurrentLevel. The other weird thing for me is that I have this in a try catch block, which is what printed that error. Regardless, it still freezes the client up. Either or this stack trace is a result of the client freezing itself.