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  1. Dawntained NeoKraken

    my apologizes the last time i tried GWD was awhile ago so i did not know it was fixed.
  2. Dawntained NeoKraken

    yeah i've reported this in the discord over a month ago, haven't bought VIP again because none of the scripts are getting fixed. the godwars ones for other servers are also broken.
  3. Dawntained NeoKraken

    i'm using it works well but you have to babysit for when its done with an inventory and restocks it doesnt teleport back.
  4. Dawntained needs updating.

    out of date currently. bought VIP just for it hopefully it get fixed soon.
  5. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    Dawntained client update just happened.
  6. Agree that would be awesome but the ban rate would probably be high