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  1. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    I know of one but its private and would sure as hell be worth more than 20$
  2. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    its not really that big of a deal.. lmao, why does it bother you.
  3. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    its due to people using magic at zulrah, blood barrage and ice barrage both use death runes.
  4. SoulPlay NeoPestControl

  5. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Anyone way you could get me the id for soulplay golden chest keys? the ones that are like 1/15k for irons?
  6. Eden rsps

    support! was talking to a soulplay mod and he confirmed that soulplay admins and alora admins are working on this. this server is gonna be the next big thing! id suggest adding a few test scripts like the combat fighter one, you know small things and see where it goes! id be willing to pay extra for this server.
  7. AIO Shop Buyer

    its gets confused and keeps teleporting home after buying an inv :C
  8. Xobot 2.92

    clear cache
  9. AIO Shop Buyer

    it works flawlessly ! i might buy some private scripts later on if you decide to do that
  10. AIO Shop Buyer

    how do i add this to xobot? I added it to scripts but everytime i run it, it just doesn't load. NVM im just stupid! Thanks again my man!
  11. I'm kind of new to the aspect of botting RSPS, and I've never been MAC or Ip banned by Jagex for botting 07. Help !
  12. AIO Shop Buyer

    Summ shop to support everything in it, Skilling shop to buy gems.
  13. AIO Shop Buyer

    Can you guys please make a script for vip only that has an AIO shop buyer?