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  1. "Lag" on OSX?

    Still didn't work - I gave up and installed a Windows VM. But now I can't seem to even click "Start Playing" (the button is not there). (Figured out that I should just double tab to reach the login button.) Anyways, now it looks like I'm banned. Getting no response from loginserver or account disabled. Loading with the regular SP client shows that my accounts are actually not disabled. Must be something to do with the VM?
  2. "Lag" on OSX?

    I think I'm running on same specs except High Sierra. I don't think CPU saver has ever been on... I'll look again, cheers.
  3. "Lag" on OSX?

    Running OSX? Are you directly running the jar? Running from terminal with sudo? JRE/JDK versions? OSX version?
  4. "Lag" on OSX?

    Seems like the client screen won't actually reload (framerate 0) unless some button on the menubar is clicked. (the frame only refreshes when a bot button is clicked)