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  1. MULE

    can someone tell me how to transport botted items to a mule acc properly? my mule just got its password changed recently. ( soulplay ). feel free to message me instead of posting here
  2. Best money Making options on soulplay?

    buy a dice bag and host
  3. jambita

    pretty sure zulrah script is broken
  4. jambita

    all the free scripts get banned if you leave them on for a while. thinking of getting vip, are those any better?
  5. too many bots running

    dont use xobot for like an hour. When you try to use it again itll work
  6. add pkhonor whenever possible

    Server name: PkhonorWebsite URL: https://www.pkhonor.net/Client URL:Average amounts of player: has 146 online at the momentAdditional information:
  7. too many bots running

    resolved thanks
  8. too many bots running

    so i restarted my laptop with the power button and i tried opening my xobot client.It lets me open 1 but when i try to open a second one it says too many bots running. im pretty sure im allowed 2 right?