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  1. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    its a shame as i have little to no knowledge so wont be able to fix them wish it was on the sdn
  2. Castle wars / Pest Control
  3. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    awesome, is this being implementeded on the sdn version or will i have to compile it again
  4. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    Im using yours currently that i compiled. unsure if you made any updates to it. but it doesn't use the green portal when it the game has already started as it just gets stuck on the dialog bit "click here to continue" then select option 1 or two sort of thing. also sometimes you finish a soul wars game and a soul gem thing will be in your inventory. you cannot join a game with one in your inventory so can you add a fail-safe where if one is found within the invent it will destroy it (cannot drop gotta destroy) also ive noticed it getting stuck on blockades people are putting down where there is a route round it one square to the left/right. can you add an option where it will either path around it or attack it if no pathing is possible? These are some updates (if not done already) would improve the script ten fold. im a frequent user of this script and these are some of the problems i have faced.
  5. How can i compile this so its usable?

    tried messaging you on here but says you cannot receive messages. can you message me first?
  6. How can i compile this so its usable?

    just tried doing this, i have little to no knowledge so failed miserably using the windows compiler.So i tried using your windows compiler but even with the instructions writted down i still have no idea what im doing, can you help me? reason being is because i want to try that script as it says it has green portal support for SW.
  7. How can i compile this so its usable?

    i am wanting to compile or whatever i need to do in order to use this script https://github.com/dginovker/Xobot/tree/master/KSoulWars I want to learn how to do it so i dont have issues in the future.
  8. Xobot Alora on Macos Mojave don't work

    try deleting your alora cache.
  9. SoulPlay VIP qFrostdragons

    is it still working well? if so im looking to purchase vip Also what gear setup are you currently using?
  10. Can i Purchase VIP with OSRSGP?

    whats the discord?
  11. jambita

    i highly doubt it.
  12. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Thanks man, also heard they may implement a "bonus"/"requiremet" to join SW disallowing certain people to join.
  13. Soulplay SoulWars Green Portal

    They Recently made soulwars team assignment by only using the green portal and locked the blue/red gates. can We can an update on the script to use this green portal please as it currently just stands outside the red/blue gate trying to get in but failing as you can only use the green portal.
  14. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Kumalo Soulwars [Updated]

    Does this script work? if so how do i use it. because they recently close the blue and red gates can only be used by green portal and this script says it supports that,
  15. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Can we get this updated with the use of the Green Portal? The admins/devs on soul play have locked the red/blue gates meaning only the green portal will assign you too a team.