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  1. Stuck on "Starting 3D library"

    Have you tried deleting cache and trying again?
  2. Lag?

    CPU usage is 90% on both but the older computer has no problem. and without script.
  3. ID'S

    Nvm found out
  4. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Weird... I just tried using super restores again and it worked but waited until like 10 prayer to use it. Last time I tried it just teled away at no prayer. Glad it works
  5. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Prayer pots didn't seem to work either.
  6. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    What all potions does this support? Super restores didn't seem to work.
  7. ID'S

    Anyone have a nice list of loot ID's they would like to share for SoulPlay?
  8. Keylogged?

    So I got a new computer and have been using xobot client... I dont have my accounts stored in the database and the two accounts i use to bot on the passwords got changed... ..This happened to a couple other accounts I was using to bot aswell...
  9. soulplay updated

    Last time it took a couple days. Don't think it should be near as long this time!
  10. soulplay updated

    Staff will update client for us, be patient.
  11. soulplay updated

    I love how we are all right here like right when it updates lol.
  12. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    SoulPlay has once been updated AGAIN as of 11/24/2018 around 12:45 AM (CST)
  13. Lag?

    Both computers are Windows. The one that does not lag is running Windows 7. The new one that is lagging is running Windows 10.
  14. SoulPlay Alex Coal To Balls

    Script seems to mine the ores and open teleport page then just sits at teleport page.