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  1. You need to make sure you have money in inventory!
  2. Make sure you are standing at general store in edgeville with money in inventory and not pouch!
  3. banned on ALORA

    It's Alora... same thing happened to me. I tried fishing and thieving. Both banned rather fast. Now I just stick to SoulPlay and have found some methods that are not the fastest but sure are safe.
  4. banned on ALORA

    Alora is one of the harder servers to bot on. I recommend babysitting your bots if you plan on botting, especially Alora.
  5. SoulPlay TaiBwo

  6. SoulPlay TaiBwo

  7. SoulPlay TaiBwo

    Used to work, now gets full inventory then stops!
  8. The script works, just likes to run around in the bank when it has a full inventory. Only happens every now and then, doesn't happen everytime a full inventory is acquired.
  9. Script has a huge problem with running everywhere in bank when a full inventory is acquired. This happens at EVERY spot for EVERY kind of log.
  10. SoulPlay ToxicHerb

    Script loves to randomly stop and sometime randomly freezes the client... needs improvement and updated... please?
  11. Stuck on "Starting 3D library"

    Have you tried deleting cache and trying again?
  12. Lag?

    CPU usage is 90% on both but the older computer has no problem. and without script.
  13. ID'S

    Nvm found out
  14. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Weird... I just tried using super restores again and it worked but waited until like 10 prayer to use it. Last time I tried it just teled away at no prayer. Glad it works