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  1. I'm not going to meet you in game to sell an account, that's dangerous. Ask for any pics of the account you may want and we'll use a Xobot staff middleman so we both are safe.
  2. 20m OSRS, which would be the equivalent of 10m from the date of that thread you linked. And SP is about at 90% of player capacity as it was when I made this thread lmao, so that doesn't hold much weight. I'll take any offers ~15-25m
  3. OSRS GP. Chargeback is still possible with friends & family bro.
  4. I didnt ask you. And I wasnt aware 280 players on rn is dead but sure bud
  5. Bump, still available. Holy shit kid, get off my thread.
  6. bump taking any offers
  7. bump honestly im sick of RSPSing atm so I'll take low offers.
  8. Selling Ikov Billions (With a B)

    That's a bad idea as a seller. Virtual goods on PP do not protect the seller. Even sending to "Friends & Family* is easily charged back. Using OSRS gp is much, much safer for you. Edit: Good luck with sale though, that's an impressive gold stack ;p