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  1. SoulPlay Does Xobot works on MAC?

    Downloading java 8 worked for me! thanks so much:)
  2. SoulPlay Does Xobot works on MAC?

    For everyone, the bot login page does show up. But after selecting the game server I get a small white window wich does not seem to do anything further
  3. SoulPlay Does Xobot works on MAC?

    Thanks for the fast reply! So with me the client freezes in a white screen. Any idea what this could be?
  4. When trying to open the bot, I do mannage to get the login page. Then after login the game client freezes. This only happens on my mac. Does Xobot works on macs?
  5. Ikov qFrostDragons

    awesome bot:) just mine script crashes after being in a fight with a dragon after 20 sec. Does this non stop, cant figure out a way to make it work..