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    Yeah seems like it. Won't buy xobot nomore.
  2. Ikov still not working?

    You can't say "Who cares" if the people who paid for the bot, paid for it only to play Ikov You can't say, who cares runescape isn't working, go play overwatch? The thing I'm worried about is how long Neo hasn't been online/active.
  3. Ikov still not working?

    Hello guys, I just purchased this bot for Ikov only. When I log in I get the same problem as described in this thread: This thread dates from 9 august, is it still not fixed up untill now? Thanks in advance!
  4. Ikov Screen Freeze

    I've just purchased this bot again, specifically for Ikov. When will this be fixed?
  5. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    It does, after I've chosen my NPC and set 997 to pick up money and start the script the status says: "Setting up" but nothing happens.
  6. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Status just says "Setting up" and nothing happens. @soulplay
  7. Hello guys, I'm having a suggestion that could lower the banrate quite a bit. Implement a feature that makes it possible to toggle on/of that when the client detects staff it logs out your bot(s). You should be able to set an interval for the bots to log back in and continue the script they were executing. Having the posibility to choose an interval yourself counters staff from knowing when the bots will log back in. Ofcourse this wouldn't be that handy when you're running combatscripts as you'll most likely die and lose your inventory, but for skilling/misc scripts this would be a wonderfull feature.
  8. buying soulplay gold.

    I'm selling soulplay gold. Add me: Xeroxo#7565
  9. <Selling> Soulplay gold

    Hello everyone, I'm selling soulplay bills. You can pay either with paypal or with bitcoin/crypto. Price depends on the market at the time of discussion and the amount you're buying. Please note that buyer goes first. I'm not looking for scam, just honest trades which benefits both parties. You can PM me here or add me on discord for faster response) Xeroxo#7565 (Discord is case sensitive, make sure to type X in caps)
  10. SoulPlay Alex Cannon Balls

    Hello, script seems to be broken for soulplay. Script just closes itself/stops when started.
  11. .

    I think I can help you Add me on discord: Xeroxo#7565
  12. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    This script hasn't been working anymore since the Xobot update.
  13. Proxy -> is it set right?

    Little question, I know everything is working now because only 1 bot got banned so far but it seems I can't create an account anymore now with the banned proxy. Does soulplay IPban? And does this mean everytime a bot(so a proxy) gets banned i have to buy a new proxy? Thanks in advance!
  14. Proxy -> is it set right?

    Thanks mate, I got it going Appreciate the help!