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  1. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Updates: Finished 95% of Paint. Just need to add killcount & runtime. Added and tested 4 more safe spots. Finished Antistaff strategy (Will teleport & logout if staff are nearby in TD cave) Started working on an auto replier that replies to certain phrases said from a random message in relation to that phrase. e.g.; Player says "Hey" (Or many messages similar) Script replies with random message from a list of greeting messages. Player says "Slay level?" (Or many messages similar) Script replies with random message from a list of slaylevelquestion responses along with your slayer level. Current TODO: Adjust some strategies resulting in the script just standing still while in combat and far from safespot. (Attempted a fix, Needs to be tested) Finish loot counts. Add more safe spots. Clean up code. Don't really have many screenshots besides of what I've done with the paint so far(That's most of what I've been focusing on the last few days when I've had time to work on it). I personally hate working with GUI's and found it easier to just add everything into an interactive paint. Not sure, maybe a week. Real life has been hectic & it still needs to be tested.
  2. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Tormented Demon
  3. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    More Updates: Completely reworked paint aswell as made it completely interactive to avoid using a GUI. Finished basic eating strategy. Tested safe spotting combat strategy with multiple safespots. Will now stand near safespot until TD starts moving closer, then moves to safespot. Bugfixes: Fixed bug where script would sometimes attack the closest TD rather than the one previously in combat with. Fixed bug where script would run back and forth from safespot to attacking TD unrealistically.
  4. Alora failing to open (Errors included)

    Alora hasn't worked for me since the beginning. Partly why I'm only working on scripts around SP atm. Correct.
  5. Alora failing to open (Errors included)

    Alors fails to start after finishing loading. OS : Mac OSx java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "wmic": error=2, No such file or directory at xobot.iiIIiiiIIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(j:683) at xobot.iiIIiiiIIi.8(j:266) at xobot.IiIIiiiIIi.<init>(r:263) at xobot.iIIIiIIIii.ALLATORIxDEMO(oa:196) at xobot.IiiIiIiiIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(z:457) at xobot.IiiIiIiiIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(z:116) at xobot.iIIIiiIIIi.run(z:77) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) Caused by: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "wmic": error=2, No such file or directory at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:1048) at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:620) at java.lang.Runtime.exec(Runtime.java:485) at xobot.iiIIiiiIIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(j:804) ... 7 more Caused by: java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory at java.lang.UNIXProcess.forkAndExec(Native Method) at java.lang.UNIXProcess.<init>(UNIXProcess.java:247) at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(ProcessImpl.java:134) at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(ProcessBuilder.java:1029) ... 10 more
  6. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Updates: Completely reworked Combat and Looting strategies. Fixed a couple broken methods resulting in Looting strat not consistently being invoked. Everything's a bit more stable and less sporadic. Thanks, might have to look into it. I just have them hardcoded to make things a bit more reliable. Fairly quick to add a new safespot currently. I struggle with GUI's. Thanks fam, I'll need it
  7. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Current TO:DO Finish paint. Edit: Remake paint. Fix randomly re-attacking NPC while already in combat. Fix banking from banking food. Add loot counters. Fix GUI. (Not using a GUI) Finish eating strategy. Add more safespots. Bugtest.
  8. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Done In Progress Not Started Features: Taming Rope Support GUI. Paint. Antibot (Replies with a few generic replies and attempts to leave, Logs if staff coming nearby) Choosing SafeSpot via GUI. Paint. Core: Banking. Combat. Pathmaking. SafeSpotting. Looting. Prayer Handling. Framework: New strategy framework (No more loop method thank fck) Looting framework (To make future scripts easier to produce) Banking framework (To make future scripts easier to produce) Current /src (Still need to cleanup unused imports to suppress warnings)
  9. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    The only issues I'm seeing is occasionally it'll have a hard time going to the boat like it's on a sleep timer on the 2nd kill and it'll just revert to banking, not script breaking but went from 30 kills/hr on 1.3 to 19/hr on 1.4, also leaving loot often, and when going back for the next kill will just leave loot till it disappears. Might try having it check for loot when it enters zulrah area? That's w/ Range pots enabled, Anti-Venoms enabled and Double-runs enabled.