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  1. Dawntained.

    Dawntained was just down yesterday lol. It's not a bad server but there isn't much to do besides pking or staking
  2. A few questions regarding bot development

  3. [Anti-Ban] Talk back to staff

    Not really worth it. It's just too broad of a thing to cover. Staff could ask you literally anything. They could ask you to do an emote... what will it do to then? Even clever bot responses would still look dumb. I've yet to see a good auto responder
  4. Vip

    You might be able to work something out with the admins if you message one of them
  5. 'You're account has been disabled' ALORAq

    you were banned with an alternative method. Try changing your mac, ip, and uid
  6. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Ye cause checking stackable doesn't do anything yet So I don't save that state
  8. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Yes, you can save and load profiles on the GUI
  9. Soulplay EXT donator non prestiege

    Pictures always help
  10. Setting up Alora Proxies

    it doesn't have to be. it's just an identifier you give it. it is a good idea to just name the profile the same as a username to make it easy to remember which profile to use when you have multiple accounts.
  11. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    safe spotting and fight radius are two different things, but I will add both eventually. I did have a fighting radius already working and posted a gif of it, but decided not to add it. I can add all of those things. I will revamp it eventually, but no eta since i'm sorta busy for a bit
  12. how do i become vip

  13. Does Xobot payment recur? I got rekt already.

    you won't get auto charged, but a new invoice will be generated
  14. SoulPlay TeleportBuilder [OpenSource]

    idk about better, but it's just another take on it
  15. New dung update for SoulPlay please!

    Don't create multiple threads about the same thing please. Neo is in the process of making one