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  1. Do proxies work on soulplay? Cant log in more than 4 accs

    It changes your uid. I believe the login limit still goes by uid and not ip, so you have to change your uid before you login if you want to get passed it
  2. Do proxies work on soulplay? Cant log in more than 4 accs

    You need to change your uid
  3. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    it's in one of the tabs on the gui... i think the default is 50 hp
  4. alora will not load (cache cleared)

    there is no error log when you run it through a terminal?
  5. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    there is no special way to setup the client... there are only 2 reasons why it teled. You either have less than 20% of remaining prayer points (with no restores in inv) or have less hp than you set the scroller to eat at (and no food id in inv)
  6. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Working good on sp for me... about to test alora edit: works good for alora too (mouse api too!)
  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    I'll check it out when I get home from work. From now on can you guys also say the server you tried it on
  8. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Was your prayer percentage less than 20% and were you out of super restores?
  9. Alora Alora wizard teleporting

    Soulplay teleport snippet (same concept) public boolean teleport(String destination) { Widget container = Widgets.get(25411); if (container != null) { WidgetChild[] children = container.getChildren(); for (WidgetChild child : children) { WidgetChild[] grandChildren = child.getChildren(); for (WidgetChild grandChild : grandChildren) { String text = grandChild.getText(); if (text != null && !text.isEmpty() && text.trim().toLowerCase().equals(destination.toLowerCase())) { Packets.sendAction(315, 0, 0, grandChild.getParentId() - 1); return true; } } } } return false; } uses: if (teleport("daemonheim")) { Time.sleep(250); // ... wait to lose teleport animation ... Time.sleep(new Callable<Boolean>() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() == -1; } }, 4000); // ... do other stuff ... } spelling must be correct but capitalization doesn't matter
  10. Interacting with doors

  11. Was a script still running?
  12. You selected your account on the script selector ui?
  13. How do you log to xobot

    you can run xobot from a terminal so if any errors are printed they will show up
  14. Do you need java installed

    if you only plan on running scripts then you just need a java run time environment (jre 8)
  15. Bug.

    it returns 0 when the character hasn't been in combat, so if you need current health for local player then it is best to use Skills.getCurrentLevel(Skills.CONSTITUTION);