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  1. Alora get unbanned from alora

    Try changing your ip or using a socks5 proxy
  2. Dawntained, bots wont relog after dc.

    Relogging seems to be working as expected for me. I'm assuming you selected an account?

    could you run it from a terminal and post the error?
  4. To many BOTS

    wait awhile then try again, it should fix itself
  5. What ban do Alora give?

  6. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Have a bunch of them in your inventory. I recommend slayer tasks
  7. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    It'll be there very soon
  8. Pretty simple and gets the job done. Feel free to improve it in any way. I'll keep this basic one updated if anything breaks. Report any bugs on this thread. Requirements: - 65 fishing Start script at any of the three areas (karam spot, bait spot, intermediate ring tele spot), and have an empty karam vessel + small fishing net in inventory. Source:
  9. Some Interesting Music

  10. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Try now. I'll update the alora one shortly
  11. Xobot update

  12. SoulPlay Client Location Grabber

    Try Players.getMyPlayer().getLocation().equals(homeTile); The equals method is overriden in the api so that the x, y, and plane have to be the same for tiles to be equal to eachother. And you are comparing object references with == btw
  13. SoulPlay Object interaction help.

    Post a picture of the packet you need to send
  14. soulsplit (original)

    Maybe if it gets a bit bigger and holds its' playerbase for awhile