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  1. Dawntained "developer mode"

    Nice find
  2. Xobot crashes when i press on login (win10)

    Post an error log if you can get one. Might need to downgrade to java 8.
  3. Alora Secret Fighter

    Nothing wrong with that. Friendly competition leads to greater scripts
  4. dungeringin

    Ladies and gentlemen, @Vudmo is back
  5. alora agility

  6. youll need an older version of java
  7. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    Gotta use the search bar man. This has been answered at least 10 times. You are probably have opengl mode enabled in the settings. I guess we should probably sticky a FAQ thread for stuff like that though.
  8. Alora issue

    That error is normal and it happens on alora's end. Even on the official client. The other issue sounds like more of a problem script problem.
  9. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    Posts like this aren't much help man. What is specifically broken about it? Also
  10. How do they check if your a bot?

    Manual Checks for the most part. They have some known server side flags that they use including inconsistent uuid/mac values (use a network profile), instant random questionnaire answering (solved), and a few other things that are pretty much considered a meme (Bot like camera movement, bot like click, inventory checking(?), bank checking(?), login session/duration checking(?).
  11. alora ban bypass

    then you were only mac banned. you should use a real mac address though lol
  12. alora ban bypass

    You can find the value with the registry editor and change the value your self and you can also write a script that runs a .reg file that also can change the value
  13. alora ban bypass

    without the commas and brackets