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  1. Ikov still not working?

    Few days to a week and it should be updated
  2. Xobot 2.982

    It'll be updated tomorrow
  3. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Once I can get back on my computer I'll be looking into the preloads bug
  4. UID/MAC ID Question

    Yes it will use your PC's hardware info.
  5. Ikov dHerblore

    What's wrong with it?
  6. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    What would the script need to do? Just drop charming imp if it's in inventory?
  7. VIP

    Answered above. You also won't get auto charged but a new invoice will be generated. Closed
  8. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    It just worked for me, make sure there are nearby npcs lol http://prntscr.com/nxmtr8
  9. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    Ikov only loots staffs + tentacles, and I believe the SoulPlay version loot those things, plus coins
  10. Bot won't open

    Post an error log. Sounds like you need java 8.
  11. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Something i forgot to say in the OP, that I got questions about - Leave the loot radius at default and it'll ignore the radius altogether and just loot anything that's reachable.
  12. Multiple servers SoulPlay Kraken

    Yeah, I'd need an account with 99 summoning though
  13. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    yeah there's a small bug, profiles don't seem to be loading on new client sessions. Gonna look into it soon
  14. Ikov qFrostDragons

    Try normal spellbook with old teleport system
  15. Favorite rappers?

    You boys need to stop sleeping on Kid Cudi