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  1. Dawntained VIP qZamorak

    Script is still bugged, teleing to wrong location forever. This still hasn't been fixed? I paid for VIP and my scripts don' work lol
  2. Dawntained VIP qArmadyl

    my script just teles to sara repetitively?
  3. Dawntained qDwarvenMiner

    logs out every few minutes...
  4. Including VIP scripts ofc.
  5. Is it ever going to be added?
  6. Dawntained.

    Server name: Dawntained Website URL: https://www.dawntained.com/ Client URL: https://www.dawntained.com/play/ Average amounts of player: 300-400 Additional information: Spawn server with eco. Skill and sell your resources for Blood Money which is used to buy unspawnable items.
  7. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    Could we toggle picking up babydragon bones on/off? I feel like profit would increase if it ignored them.
  8. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Anyone know the catchrate whilst doing the farm runs? This script makes so much more money than dung/coal/slot it seems too good to be true.
  9. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    which herb should i be doing for max profit? If the answer is torstol, how much should i buy the seeds for? Atm they're 4m on the market and I don't see myself making profit like that
  10. How to run >3 bots at a time?

    I can't get around the 'too many connections from this address barrier'
  11. Just wanna see if it's worth running a dung bot over a coal to balls bot as coal to balls is 33m/hr
  12. Best method for Money Making?

    slotmachine is basically suicide. mods patrol that thing 24/7