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  1. Oh so this is why Zulrah scales are now 600each
  2. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Very nice man, thank you.
  3. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Nice script! Just Turmoil/Deflect Magic support really.
  4. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Alright man, sounds great, look forward to it.
  5. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Hey man, the desired task section is blank for me. Also the Slayer masters who give tasks which are worth skipping are mostly Kuradel/Morvran (this is for soulplay right?)
  6. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Working perfect now, thanks man.
  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Strange, this wasnt working at first (No GUI) then it started working, now its not working again. Run script, Nothing happens + it automatically stops the script. Is there some kind of condition it needs to run?
  8. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    This is happening to me to since update.
  9. Best money making

    Overall money made divided by the amount of hours I have botted it. Including rare drops.
  10. Best money making

    Zulrah, been a solid 150-200m an hour for me since it was released.
  11. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    @Kumalo Hey man, maybe instead of full prayer support to begin with, just support drinking prayer potions. We can set our own prayers at the beginning of the task. Also some kind of teleport when out of food/pray pots. Just a suggestion.
  12. Cause of disconnections.

    Its not CPU usage, Im running one bot on each VPS and there are no spikes in CPU usage, just a drop when the bot logs out. Tested a lot on my side already. I have watched the login handler fail to work several times now.
  13. Cause of disconnections.

    Hey, been trying to get to the bottom of what is causing the disconnections across multiple scripts. I have extensively tested everything on my side and think I have found the root of the problem. Sometimes the scripts are clicking too fast causing disconnections, the client will automatically try to reconnect however the bot will keep spam clicking the action it was on and not allow the client to reconnect, eventually the client just logs out completely. I have noticed this across nearly all scripts I have used, If there is a slight server side lag and the script is trying to complete an action it will replicate the issue, hence it not happening ALL the time. These are just the observations I have from trying to fix the problem on my end. I understand there is not much we can do to prevent server side lag however if the log in handler worked properly it may resolve the issue for all scripts. Im not sure if anything can be implemented in the client to pause the script if connection is lost or reduce the click speed. Let me know if you need any logs/my data so we can try get this resolved.
  14. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    Yeah coming back to find myself logged out most of the time. Wasnt sure if it was my VPS though.
  15. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    Use normal prayer book