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  1. Need help

    I just use it to compile scripts bout it really but got it working now.
  2. Need help

    So my java is in program files (x86) and my eclipse said x86_64 bit is that correct? Got it working now, thank you much appreciated!
  3. Need help

    So every time i open eclipse i get this stupid error and i have no fucking clue what it is? (no idea where to post so i put it here, sorry if wrong section) http://prntscr.com/ipfjnw
  4. SoulPlay AlexGemBuyer (Donator zone)

    i dunno how to do that either only know how to compile with eclipse but thanks much appreciated
  5. SoulPlay AlexGemBuyer (Donator zone)

    added to SDN? or can you compile it can't install eclipse coz of some stupid log file error
  6. Thank you very much appreciated!
  7. Can someone compile this for me? as i can't install eclipse keeps giving me a log file error after i reset my computer a few days ago
  8. To many bots running!

    So i ran Xobot 2.5 today for like 10minutes then closed and i'm getting this error, any fix solution for it?
  9. Can you compile this if possible as i don't have eclipse
  10. Potion decanter

    Ah okai
  11. Potion decanter

    has one been made?!
  12. Potion decanter

    this works like a charm! + is it possible to make a (4) to (3) as you need (3) to make ext pots and I've drank so many pots into (3) and it's a pain in the ass clicking l0l
  13. Potion decanter

    100% agree as the store at home only sells (4) and drinking them into (3) especially if you buy bulks of them takes pretty long.
  14. vote botting

    Is there any good ways to vote bot on Soulplay i used Tor Browser and everytime i've had to do the "I am not a robot" it says something about a connection and doesn't let me vote so just wonder what other methods or VPN i can try.
  15. please add Magic logs to this & the bankers in Donator island (NPC 494)