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    ikov needs update. bought vip strictly for ikov
  2. BAN

    I would like to know if ikov can detect the client or if i watch the bot the whole time and can respond to staff members if im good
  3. looking for SpawnPK bot will pay

    any scripts auto fighters, for training accounts, maybe somthing to make money, like bosses script or somthing
  4. Ikov NeoDungeoneering

    still working?
  5. create scripts for ikov

    really just more money maker scripts and i think a lot of people will start using this website/bot again for ikov mainly
  6. create scripts for ikov

    more bosses, like zulrah or somthing, I want to get vip again for ikov, but there isn't enough variety of scripts to make money just kraken?
  7. is ikov working?

    if so how do they ban if i watch my monitor whole time im botting will i be good?
  8. soulplay

    deleted soulplay cache and fixed the problem.
  9. soulplay

    any idea why when I open the soulplay in Xobot it just loads than is a black screen after the green loading bar, it was just working a bit ago.
  10. Xobot 2.9 | Dawntained release

    keeps freezing and crashing on soulplay
  11. SoulPlay Soulplay Hunting

    Can we please get a Hunting bot for soulplay! it's so slow
  12. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    ok thanks
  13. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    not noting the herbs, inventory will fill up and it will keep picking herbs
  14. Alora get unbanned from alora

    anyone know how to get un banned from alora? tried uid and mac changer on client
  15. Dawntained

    Anyone know how dawntained detects bots? Do they have to catch in the act or random events or how