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  1. How to get unbanned on Alora

    Does anyone know how to change the BIOS ID code? been using xobots unbuild mac changer and using private proxies and changed everything but i still get banned for evading
  2. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Yes sir, Alora as well.
  3. Alora Secret Fighter

    How's it going ;)? btw it would love to see safespot support, the script runs pretty good otherwise
  4. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Nothing happens when i click on "load" running windows 10
  5. Alora Fatty Cooker

    can't seem to be able to compile it correctly, doesn't show up in xobot as a script at all, could you post the .class files?
  6. Alora Secret Agility

    could you add wilderness :)?
  7. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    Script doesn't bank properly, it's running to another place other than the bank( might be wrong bank ID?)
  8. Alora Secret Fighter

    Possible to make it auto-open the coin chests?pretty nice script
  9. Alora Secret Fighter

    @Secret how's it going ;)?
  10. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora) - V4 Updated

    Im using full void, i tried with mage(trident) aswell as full void range with cbow and ruby bolts, (im using all of the pots except anti-poison ones)
  11. Fix broken Alora scripts

    i've been botting for a few months without ban, i think you're doing something wrong then mate
  12. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Can anyone put the compiled verson here? Thanks.(cant seem to be able to compile it myself)
  13. Fix broken Alora scripts

    As stated in the title, please fix broken alora scripts like the kraken or zulrah ones. Thanks