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  1. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Does it misclick?
  2. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Where are they located? The Slayer Master.
  3. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    I'll look into it
  4. Dawntainted detects xobot client?

    Did you do any IP/MAC/Serial changes recently on the same account?
  5. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    Will check this out, Be more specific of what you are fishing
  6. Dawntained VIP qArmadyl

    Forgot notification, Script was recently updated - Loots armadyl helmets now
  7. SoulPlay VIP qFrostdragons

    Will look into it tonight
  8. Alora NeoCerberus

    Usually when a topic is dead, things are working just fine. So give it a try
  9. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Did it proceed to walk/teleport to zulrah? You told us you started it at the boat? Were you missing bolts/arrows?
  10. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    What potions/food were you using? You have to be more constructive.. perhaps save script writers the time and provide us a code of error?
  11. Dawntained NeoKraken

    What's wrong with the GWD ones? They were recently updated
  12. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    Will look into it
  13. Can't type in alora client

    If you'd want to be of any help, i suggest you report the bugs to the script threads so they can be resolved
  14. Can't type in alora client

    Sometimes you gotta sort of double click the "User" Area, And "Password" Area as well..
  15. SoulPlay qMageBankThiever

    Provide me the location, and i'll consider adding it