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  1. There will be coming an update today.
  2. There are certain things or factors that need to be taken in consideration to avoid getting banned whilst botting. Account Manager - Using profiles The use of profiles allows the user to create a unique profile for each account that is botted on, with allowance of using a different ip adress, unique mac-adress & Unique Identifiers within the computer (UUID). Servers tend to control and flag players that has multiple accounts logged in at the same with the same ip adress, mac-adress or other unique identifiers related to the computer. Therefore, one must create a unique profile for each account that is botted on to avoid getting banned and flagged for multi-logging. This is the first indicator for admins before they investigate further to see if a player is botting or not. Thats why we want to avoid it. 1. In the top left corner of the bot client, click "Edit" --> Account Manager. This opens the Xobot Account Manager with the following screen: 2. Click the green button at the bottom, and fill in the details for the certain account you wish to bot on. Proxy IP, Proxy Port, Proxy User/Password The proxy type that should be used, is a "Socks5" proxy. There are several websites that offer these, both free and paid. The free ones however are shared, which could result in a higher risk of getting banned as they could be flagged for that particular rsps. We suggest you invest in a private one for a small amount of cash. That way you'll be more safe botting. 3. Ones the profile is created with all the details filled in, proceed to select the profile before logging in. This is done in the top right corner of the client as illustrated below: 4. Proceed to login or simply start the script and it will login for you with the details of the selected profile. The whole point of this thread is to make sure you do a seperate profile for each account used. That way you will minimize the risk of getting banned. Good luck.
  3. Hello fellow members, We would like for you to inform us about potential servers that you think should be added in the future. The Staff Team has provided a poll of the top servers we believe is the best in terms of market and players. Feel free to vote on any of these. For those who would like to request a different server to the bot should by all means use the provided format beneath. Otherwise the thread will be removed. Sincerely, XoBot Staff Team
  4. Script Features Zeah Runecrafting - Blood Runes (Recommended: 77-92) Requirements: 38 mining, Chisel, Pickaxe (Any) Zeah Runecrafting - Soul Runes (Recommended: 92-99) Requirements: 38 mining, Chisel, Pickaxe (Any) Getting started Start at home with the required tools in your inventory or required items in the bank. Make sure you wear your pickaxe whilst doing Zeah Runecrafting.
  5. Script Features Death Tiaras (Recommended: 1-77) Requirements: Tiara, Death Talisman Getting started Start at home with the required tools in your inventory or required items in the bank.
  6. Script is discontinued since long time, closing and archiving.
  7. Purchase of VIP in the store is currently disabled. You will be notified when it is back.
  8. Everyone that buys vip mainly for ikov, don't. It is currently outdated, and i will let you know when it is fixed.
  9. It is working, and usually when there's an update we try to fix it within the same or next day
  10. We're planning on releasing zenyte very soon
  11. Which ones specifically?
  12. Quintana

    Ikov Down

    Ikov is now fixed
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