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  1. Ikov PPyramidRusher

    Script is discontinued since long time, closing and archiving.
  2. VIP Disabled

    Purchase of VIP in the store is currently disabled. You will be notified when it is back.
  3. ikov needs client update

    Everyone that buys vip mainly for ikov, don't. It is currently outdated, and i will let you know when it is fixed.
  4. Alora Some small updates needed

    An update for alora is on its way
  5. is ikov working?

    It is working, and usually when there's an update we try to fix it within the same or next day
  6. Buying private Bot (zenyte)!

    We're planning on releasing zenyte very soon
  7. create scripts for ikov

    Which ones specifically?
  8. Ikov Down

    Ikov is now fixed
  9. Nothing happens when I log in and select server

    What java version specifically?
  10. Ikov PDonatorThiever

    Ikov is now fixed. Please provide the unanswered questions to the VIP section thread
  11. Ikov updates

    Ikov updated and now fixed
  12. Error running Alora?

    Will look into this later today
  13. Bot does not work for me

    How are you running the file? Are you on java 8?
  14. Ikov problems

    Ikov is now fixed
  15. buying Ikov zulrah bot

    Probably even more than that