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  1. SoulPlay Simmys Rug Maker

    Approved Good job
  2. I'm back

    Welcome back
  3. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Script source updated. Not in SDN yet, compile the source code provided.
  4. Regarding Ikov

    There has been quite alot of discussions lately about Ikov, regarding questions to why it has yet to be updated. We can inform you members that it will still be pushed as of now, due to time consuming analysis of certain anti-bot features that has been encountered in one of their latest update. It is being looked into as we speak, but We're not gonna provide you with an ETA at the moment. We won't make a release until a safe botting environment has been established. For missed out botting time as we call it, we will extend each and all of the VIP member with an additional 1 month subscription upon the day of re-releasing Ikov. So if you are buying VIP mainly for Ikov, I suggest you wait until it is released again. Feel free to PM me suggestions, script fixes or w.e for Soulplay & Alora.
  5. Molten Glass buyer

    For which server is this?
  6. ikov

    A few days from now at its latest
  7. ikov

    A TOS has been added to this thread for clarification. Even before this TOS was added, it would make still make sense as you still have access to two other currently working servers along with their VIP scripts. The VIP purchase is not linked to a certain server.
  8. Help Plz

    Try another browser
  9. souplay scripts need updating

    Could you provide me a list of them on discord? or here
  10. IKOV Launcher Not Loading

    Apologies for the downtime. It's been looked into from time to time, however it's our own time that limits us. Bear with us, as we look into the update as soon as possible
  11. SoulPlay Simmys Universal Fishing Contest

    Approved, good job.
  12. SoulPlay Simmys Universal Fisher

  13. SoulPlay DzMiner (Donator Zone)

    Provide me the id's of the pickaxes, and i'll repost a version not depositing those
  14. Ikov qFrostDragons

    This will be updated and fixed soon
  15. SoulPlay Soulplay Updated Sept. 08/2019

    Soulplay updated