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  1. Alora Xobot Client Detectable?

    What you last said is correct. Combined with Inventory checks and faulty scripts where you recognise bot movements. All are manual bans Avoid bot infested Areas
  2. Soulplay updated?

  3. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Whats your setup?
  4. new updated scripts that are needed.

    Compile the one on the thread, don't use one from SDN don't think its updated yet.
  5. Mac banned Alora

    Use the "UID Manager", to change everything from IP Adress, Mac Adress, UID Right click the box where it says mac address, and click generate. Remember to load the profile before you login each time. And if changing the MAC adress isn't enough, you'll probably need to find a proxy and generate a UID as well
  6. dont kno2 how to use it

    Try a different browser.. might be related to a faulty plugin (possibly)
  7. dont kno2 how to use it

    Take a screenshot and show me
  8. dont kno2 how to use it

    Check my reply again.. Does it look identical to you?
  9. dont kno2 how to use it

    https://xobot.org/scripts/ GIF: https://i.gyazo.com/8bb63c7944acfcb6d161a7efcb08ae5e.mp4
  10. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Script updated
  11. SoulPlay NeoSmither

    Updated - Made a quick fix for the animation problem! EDIT: Also now uploaded to SDN
  12. SoulPlay NeoSmither

    Source code updated - Smithes coal and iron into steel bars
  13. SoulPlay qIronBuyer

    Features Buys iron ores from Pikkupstix at the summoning obelisk Getting started Start with an empty inventory near bank at home or by the obelisk https://pastebin.com/n9DiQkKX