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  1. ID'S

    Right click image links from their G.E
  2. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    This is what happens with profitable free scripts.. Lots of people tend to bot it, moderators gets notified and regularly checks the area.. Saying the bot doesn't work is the appreciation we get for releasing a free barrows script to the community
  3. Loyalty Scape

    This low level of player counts isn't objectively going to benefit Xobot
  4. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    Very bot infested area, as it is free-to-use
  5. Can i Purchase VIP with OSRSGP?

    I could assist you on discord
  6. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    Make sure you are selecting the right potion either (3)’s or (4)’s, for both the ranged pots and your restore/ranged pots
  7. Alora VIP NeoKraken

    You are missing something.. Are you using magic or ranged?
  8. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    I am saying it again.. If there are so many broken scripts as people are talking about but not being specific about: Report it to the script threads! Be specific of what gear/items you are using and clearly explain what is broken. We are no psychics
  9. Says soulplay is offline

    Soulplay was most likely offline at that time. Always check to see if the server is online
  10. SoulPlay VIP NeoArmadyl

    Try it, and see. Nobody has reported it broken since its last update.
  11. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Dawntained script teleportation has been solved, wait for the update
  12. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Script is confirmed working
  13. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Give it a try, it was working at that time i wrote the previous message (30th of october).
  14. Alora Stuck Will Not Open

    Clear cache