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  1. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    i have up till c5 lol
  2. SoulPlay How to Handle Teleporting with Packets

    What server?
  3. thx now maybe i can make some scripts =)
  4. Windows cmd Script Compiler

    how do i setup this?
  5. SoulPlay Kumalo's Karambwaner

    approved, nice script
  6. Xobot 2.8

    this very good work! am forward looking more updates this like!
  7. SoulPlay Fisher

    u didnt even read it
  8. SoulPlay Fisher

    Options: Banking or dropping the fish. Autoprogress to best fish or choose whatever fish you want. only supported location for now is fishing guild really simple script rly open sourced if u wanna mess around with that Source: https://pastebin.com/raw/r4zvaHuR
  9. Alora Pre-release script requests (Alora)

    AIO Slayer Zulrah Kraken Raids Runecrafting (would really help) just to name a few X D
  10. Looking to buy custom script for soulplay gp

    How complex would the script have to be?
  11. Adding your script to the SDN

    Script name: KUIDSwitcher Script version: 1.0 Script description: Switches your UID. Link to your topic: http://xobot.org/community/topic/413-kuidswitcher/ Source code: https://pastebin.com/raw/AgDydttd
  12. SoulPlay KUIDSwitcher

    Features: Changes your UUID or whatever its called so you dont have to change your windows installation date. Usage: Run script Update: on sdn now
  13. Soul Wars Script

    i think @Kumalo is working on soul wars script
  14. request

    request some scripts that are needed and ill see if im good enough to make them (SOULPLAY)