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  1. [Soulplay] Plank making script

    this would be a nice script to see. Hope one of the scriptmakers would try to make it if they got spare time.
  2. xobot connection error on SoulPlay

    Same problem over here sadly
  3. Loading title screen suck at 9%.

    Try to delete soulplay cache files and try again.
  4. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    dude how did u get 7m exp in 11 hours? lots of dxp or what? i can''t even get close to that
  5. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    Guys, do anny one ya has Primal in dungeneering? and did u find it in dungeon 3 or manually in 4? because i only seem to find gorgonite weapons and katagon armour/weapons. since primal would speed things alot thats why im asking.
  6. SoulPlay [CANCELLED] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Never happend to me before so i don't think so. U should be safe on your other accounts
  7. Soulplay quick ban

    Dont ever bother making money off botting thieving man. Thats asking to be banned. Try some other methodes.
  8. Farewell from me

    Sad to hear man, but best of luck !
  9. Soulplay quick ban

    first of all i think its the most popular places they patroll, and after thatits just your movement and not speaking will get you banned.
  10. Soulplay quick ban

    I would like to say its badluck, and maybe u are botting the most obviously things. Try to avoid these.
  11. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    as @Neo said before, u can buy sharks from wizzard at the shops. so different food isn't necessary.
  12. i've been banned multiple times botting zulrah, so i don't know how he even survives that!
  13. SoulPlay RoflGemRocks (SoulPlay)

    i'll try this for a few hours! Ran it for 2 hours. and i've to say its a good script. Does what it has to do. So keep it up!
  14. mining gem rocks + cutting gem

    This is some good news! Because a few months ago i also suggested this and someome was working on it. But for some reason we never finished it. So i would be glad to see this coming!
  15. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Kumalo thanks for updating this script. I can finaly use it now thanks!!