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  1. What are the elkoy gold rates

    Looking to sell a few bills, but i dont know the rates. Anyone know the rates in bills in osrs gp.
  2. Sold him some Soulplay gold A++!
  3. SOLD

    Selling 3B soulplay for 2m 07 each Throw me a Pm if you are interested You go first or we use mm
  4. Soulplay

    Kumalo's fast fighter is a pretty good script, you can set it up at different slayer monster and just let the bot camp for drops like abyssal whip.
  5. [Soulplay] Plank making script

    A script that casts "Plank make"-spell from the lunar spellbook, the spell only needs to be clicked once and it will automatically turn the logs into planks - unlike in runescape where you have to click all logs manually. Script just needs to: * Withdraw logs * Clicks plank make * Banks and repeats