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  1. SoulPlay VIP qFrostdragons

  2. What kind of bans do Soulplay give?

    The client can bypass all types of bans given by Soulplay. And, bans are the ones as stated by Kumalo. Further, if you hide behind a completely new and unused proxy, change your uuid, and mac through the client ,then you are plying with a completely new identity.
  3. SoulPlay NeoPestControl

    Trust Prashant to always come up with possibly the best suggestions <3
  4. SoulPlay [SoulPlay] Blk555's Imp Hunter [SoulPlay]

    Here, I presume that you could have possibly overlooked the finer print of the script.
  5. DZ Scripts

    Well, every fish that you mentioned under fishing is also pointless - since fishing is a very easy skill to train, and could be done at Catherby; but yes, all of the other skills are decent enough profit.
  6. [ANY REQUEST] [FAST] Blk555's Private Script Shop

    Have worked with him on a mutual project, he's quite meticulous with his work - if a problem is to be found out, rather than delaying the remedy, he would get to work on it as and when the time is at hand. The project that we had worked on was of a complex nature; he was able to pull it off with much success, and hardly breaking a sweat!
  7. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    White lies! You wanted us Noobs to believe that your script is capable of doing magics, and hacks!
  8. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    It only dumps them after having acquired 10 when your team is in control of the obelisk. Even if the obelisk remains neutral, it won't bother dumping it at the centre, till someone from your side has gotten control over it.
  9. Dont buy or sell gold with this person

    https://xobot.org/community/forum/44-disputes/ That is the place to dispute trades, and not under the Gold selling section.
  10. Quick Start Args

    Ah, gotchu! Vouch. Would be a wonderful addition to the client!
  11. SoulPlay Kumalo Soulwars

    Most people don't play Soulwars till there's an event; and, botters won't risk putting up bots when no legit player is around.
  12. DreamScape

  13. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Yes! There's a ton of suggestions to implement though, good luck with that!
  14. Blk555!

    Wow, that was quick and fast, hello there!
  15. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Use QGlacor, it's on the SDN, and has been created by @Quintana It should do the job well enough for you!