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  1. Soulplay problem

    You paid money for vip, there is 3 available servers, go bot on them
  2. Using MouseListener

    Post some code
  3. soulplay acheivement aio

    Just use pre-existing scripts to do them..
  4. Any path maker of any kind?

  5. Dragon killer + Bot

    Frost dragons only make 30m-60m/hr And you will get banned there.
  6. Bandos SoulPlay

    No, not at all.
  7. Alora Notifications - Messages (Alora)

    Put your PMs on friends?
  8. Soulplay Teleporting Class

    You don't need to call that, you simply need to call the last line for it to work. Packets.sendAction(315, 1, -1, getTeleport());
  9. Soulplay Teleporting Class

    What's the point of calling? Packets.sendAction(315, 1, -1, 1166); Time.sleep(100, 250); Packets.sendAction(646, 1, -1, getCategory());
  10. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    there isnt lol
  11. Buying soulplay bank pin bypass

    Let me know how much you're paying. Script is finished.
  12. AHK for OSRS/Alora

    Just use rsKombat, advanced auto switcher.. And it's free
  13. Looking for a simple soulplay script.

    pm me
  14. soulplay donor zone thiever

    4705 - Fish Stall 4706 - Veg Stall 494 - Banker Nn donator account
  15. Hunter/

    There is already one made for Soulplay.