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  1. Need a script

    Probably for merching, as you need to be online for the market @Jake
  2. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Some screenshots / gifs would be nice to see progress
  3. soulplay dung script

  4. SoulPlay nonAIOSummoning

    Download source and compile it with an IDE. But it has to get updated to the latest API, which I'm not gonna do.
  5. SoulPlay scripts

    I got an AIO Summoning script, there are some packets off but it works. Cba to change them lol. Also it needs to get updated to the newest API feel free to do
  6. SoulPlay nonAIOSummoning

    Ahh, yeah whenever I have some real free time I might do. Busy with work and such.
  7. SoulPlay nonAIOSummoning

    Yeh gotta update to newest API sometime. Will do someday.
  8. Maybe @Dridiawants to do it himself, as he updated his Glacor script also :).
  9. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    Version 1.2? I never had it randomly breaking or anything.
  10. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    Are the logs visible in bank? Like, is the correct tab open? Run with console, and show me what it says.
  11. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    I only updated the GitHub version, the class file is in the Bin Folder. Will update compiled download link tommorow.
  12. Dridia's Imp Hunter works fine, just needs a little bit of updating though.
  13. SoulPlay nonGemCutter

    It's possible, not gonna to though. Since there's an Script that buys supplies from him just use an random account to buy an stock and than use my scripts.