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  1. SoulPlay Script bugs megathread

    @p3anut his Dungeoneering seems missing.
  2. {b} Novea agility bot

    Easy, using Simba and just use images/colors.
  3. to manny bots running

    If there was only a button to force log off to the server.
  4. Frisian Developer Tool

    Lumbridge and nice!
  5. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    Pretty sure it isn't, since he was asking information about it and shared some code with me hehe.
  6. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    Pretty sure peanut also has.
  7. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script

    People do it legit, people bot it. Just private.
  8. SoulPlay Dungeoneering script


    And here we are, opening the client just fine!
  10. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    Have bolts tips in your inventory, I wrote this script fast at the time. It just grabs from bank and than closes bank and starts cutting. I had no issues at the time, might be lagg? But just have some bolt tips in inventory to prevent.
  11. Alora Random Event Handling

    What randoms?
  12. .jar files make my mouse not work

    If it happens, press shift. I can't remember why though. Or alt.
  13. Need a script

    Probably for merching, as you need to be online for the market @Jake
  14. SoulPlay TDKiller Pro [Development]

    Some screenshots / gifs would be nice to see progress
  15. soulplay dung script