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  1. Why is ikov server vip only?

    But it's broken 90% of the time I heard
  2. Ikov PPyramidRusher

    @peanut Fix your filthy stuff
  3. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    Ah weird, scripts works fine?
  4. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    You select it in the GUI.
  5. Updated Client for Ikov????

    You pay you say!
  6. SoulPlay nonGemCutter

    Download the compiled version. I think the scripts folder is located at Users/Documents/XoBot/SoulPlay not sure.
  7. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    That's just the shitty code from SP. Hence it requires 100k in inventory. The check for enough coins is done from inventory, but it gets money from pouch.
  8. Very simple herb cleaner for Ikov

    Just edit the packet and it should be fine, or it might even work for Ikov.
  9. VIP Only Sections

    For me example I won't pay for VIP without knowing what the script does and how it works. Also not without feedback from others (broken script perhaps, or not maintained while it get gain more)
  10. VIP Only Sections

    So you think that works? They just buy it (1 account) and scrape the data.) they get enough donations on a daily base to cover 1 VIP account lol
  11. Script Features Cleans all Grimy Herbs How to use Start at the Edgeville bank and choose the herb you want to clean Script isn't perfect, but it gets the job done. Source - https://github.com/UhWatchMe/XoBot/tree/master/Herblore/nonHerbCleaner/src Compiled (30 days blame @Jake) - https://ufile.io/ya4v41b6 Script was requested by @tiepvout.
  12. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    Bad server source.
  13. Ikov account pin

    Than how will you approach it, it's your best chance.
  14. Ikov account pin

    Well it is, since you don't know the pin and it's easy to monitor what's done. By simply writing a text file with pin when bank is open. It's your best bet. Unless, you can guess it ofcourse.
  15. Ikov account pin

    Well 000000 - 999999 and just relog to bypass limit?