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  1. Buying VIP Donation -> 15B Soulplay GP.

    @SimmysWild still need gift card for 15b sp? if so we would use middle man you would transfer 15b gp to middle man for me to gift you members
  2. SoulPlay [VIP] Vaynex Saradomin GWD Lite

    NEEDS TO DO MULTI KILLS i nearly got banned few times constantly tele after 1 kill
  3. SoulPlay [VIP] Vaynex Armadyl GWD Lite

    @vaynex yeah we defo nee this to do multi kills bro support asking questions why 1 kill
  4. SoulPlay VIP qMageBankThiever

    what thieving level is good for this im getting hit every attempt @Quintana
  5. SoulPlay qGlacors

    yeah i sorted it out
  6. SoulPlay qGlacors

    @Quintana im having the banking issues just puts invent into bank withdraws.
  7. client question

    ah tyty
  8. Buying private scrips

    cheers jake
  9. client question

    hey guys i have not had this issuee before. im trying to load up scripts and all im getting is loading. i waited 20 mins nothing happened. https://ibb.co/1q7mrCv
  10. SoulPlay xPlanker ~7.500 planks per hour

    doesnt open. i run script but instantly closes
  11. @boris script is working but when im about to make the planks my character keeps moving backwars and forwards before choosing what plank to make. looks very very bot like. and chance of a quick fix?
  12. Buying private scrips

    buying the following scripts + features -----corporeal beast----- Features teleports to corp beast kills loots all items banks repeats. (if death returns and loots re equips items then repeats process) -----raids----- full working script to complete raids. i said i said im willing to pay with a legit proggy and use of a mod as middle man to confirm the script your selling is legit before i pay. only legit people please. thanks @Jake are you willing to be middle man in this please.
  13. few sp scripts

    to mods is fine
  14. few sp scripts

    ok how much for the script after i lend an account to you?
  15. few sp scripts

    preferabbly osrs payment but if you require paypal we can negotiate a price no problem.