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  1. soulplay updated 15/12/2018

    working now
  2. soulplay updated 15/12/2018

    soulplay needs updating as of 15/12/2018 @Neo @Quintana
  3. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    @neo can you update the teleporting issue please bro
  4. Hello! And quick question

    i wouldnt buy vip yet as most scripts have teleporting issues. but maybe in 1 week or so i would ask people to see if scripts are working.
  5. Open to Requests

    a private script for corporeal beast would be cool also a sardomin boss
  6. Looking to buy a dungeoneering-script

    good luck neo been doing it for like a year no updates lol
  7. its the teleporting issue with all scripts at the moment i told kumalo about this on vipdagkiller
  8. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    @Neo @Kumalo any update on the banking issues yet?
  9. jambita

    the fact is scripts are not detectable at the moment, but admins / helpers do go around highly botted areas and talk to you to check if your botting or not, if your not there you will get banned, if you see them talking to you reply back and your ok for this day. also a lot of people say go to w2 because not many players are on w2 huge mistake thats first place jambita logs into and he teles directly to all players online on w2 server
  10. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    @Neo @Kumalo like said above the teleporting is still bugged
  11. Best money Making options on soulplay?

    staking / dicing
  12. NeoDungeon (Development)

    @Neo is there any updates on this yet? all i need is 97-120 then im maxed p3 lol
  13. jambita

    at the moment not really a lot of scripts are not flawless i have issues with most of them teleporting part of scripts, but if you wanna semi afk the scripts its worth it i guess, while you watch netflix or w.e
  14. jambita

    he goes around very often in botted areas asks you question if you dont respond then you will get banned. w2 he teleports to all players on that world due to not many players been on there.
  15. SoulPlay Kumalo's Wolf Boner

    any chance compiled version?