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  1. yeah i have just been banned 10 minutes after using it @Neo any solution to have my account not disabled "afk training / not replying after being teleported multiple times. (signs of botting) for that reason this will be treated as a botting case. next step before unban is to be cleaned of any (botted) zulrah items and next time you'll be cleaned completely. (no eta on clean) ways to avoid this in the future: don't share your account even with a family member delete any botting clients or custom scripts log off if you decide to leave your pc hope this helps !!"
  2. having issues when get logged out the bot seems to be struggling with bank pin
  3. just have loads of (restore potions 4 , range potion 4, anti venom 4 (buy from market) then go with full karil d bow and arrows attached
  4. yeah its working buddy i ran it for 13-14 hours no problems at all about 18 kills an hour. just 1 thing i ask from you all is to sell scales at around 2.4-2.5k otherwise people will undercut each other to much then its a waste of time even botting it. because making money will be crap
  5. botted items please read.

    yeah i think so
  6. botted items please read.

    yeah botting community will just ruin it for each other in long run, if we all keep a price guide on what to sell and stick to it the profit will benefit us all
  7. as many of xobot community bot i have realised that a lot of items are going down in price. in the end we are all losing out on profit. i was thinking maybe we should all stop undercutting each other and stick at a price. 1.zulrah scales - sell at 2500+ 2.frosts - 650k+ please add other botted items that are going low in price ill add a price to sell at.
  8. Soulplay POS item buyer

  9. vip renewal?

    hey guys i just bought a gift card i have redeemed it, but i cant seem to buy vip i get this message pop up "You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so." but on my account i am not vip anymore. @Neo @Jake help please?
  10. SoulPlay qGlacors

    1 issue when its trying to teleport to bank and its type ::homieoen and keeps spamming e in text box @Quintana
  11. just 1 issue @Neo i left the bot for 3 hours and i got 7 kills when i came back it was just eating sharks and withdrawing them. the bot never closes bank and teled back to zulrah
  12. client issue

    @Neo yeah @Jakee fixed it for me legend
  13. client issue

    how do i post a error log? and ill be back on in like 1-2 hours from now ill get teamviewer @Jake add me on discord please. d-j-f#1038
  14. client issue

    how do i run it from batch file? sorry im not very intelligent when it comes to computer stuff.
  15. client issue

    hey guys i have just started having a client issue just now, i double click xobot.jar it opens for your details i put the details in select soulplay as the server then click ok. the client closes and nothing happens after this. anything to resolve this? thanks in advance. @Neo @Quintana@Jake