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  1. Client not working

    All day now whenever I load up the client it just has a black screen. I tried re downloading it and it is still broke. Worked fine yesterday.
  2. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

    Seems like it's been awhile since this script has been touched. I believe its all messed up lol.. Just fishes for the raw karambwanji, but it can't fish it because it keeps clicking over and over again.. not too sure whats happening..
  3. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    +1 for @fabbur post.. Three seperate runs now it just sstands there says walking. I've only done 12 runs it says in 3 hours. I believe the other one was 17 runs in 6 hours which is weaaaak haha. I believe a potential cause could be... when it teleports out of barrows to bank when its in the middle of a run.. atm it says Ive killed veracs and thats it.. I teleported back and now its just clicking on an already searched sarcophagus..
  4. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    Would be dope if you could make it usuable with Magic.. Using Ice Barrage does work.. Doesnt even need anything else besides runes and spade. Running now with melee.. Having a issue where it just sits at the bank, depositing the spade and then withdrawing the spade over and over.. I have nothing selected on the UI Script.. Didnt have any restore pots but got some now and now it appears to be working good..
  5. VIP Miner

    Ohh okay
  6. VIP Miner

    I’m going to contradict myself first here saying I guess I could try a different script... lol. But I’m using neo miner to get some coal and it keeps crashing when I’m not around / looking.. once at around 600-800 coal and a second time with 400-600 coal. I have my account into the launcher so I’m not sure why it didn’t log me back in. I assume it got stuck on something and then the script stopped....... So, back onto the request. I’m just wondering if a VIP version could be made that’s just a little better scripted to eliminate crashes like this. Like I said I’ll try a different script if their is one so this thread might be useless but ... yeah thanks